🤬 Adin Ross Is Defacto King of Teenage Edgelords


Being controversial online has always been a lucrative way to brand yourself, and Adin Ross is taking it to a new level. 

As reporter Steven Asarch shares this week, in early March, Ross was banned from Twitch for what the platform called “unmoderated hateful conduct.” His desire to consistently push the “edgy” envelope with misogyny and transphobia and his obsession with the ideology of Andrew Tate caused his star to plummet.

Now re-located to the new streaming platform Kick—notorious for its lack of content moderation—Ross seems to be going even more extreme with his stunts and antics.

Also this week, Elon Musk announced legacy verified accounts will lose their blue ticks starting in April. Read reporter Charlotte Colombo’s recap about the news and why she believes the blue tick status symbol is long gone. Rest in peace.


Adin Ross is the new defacto king of teenage edgelords

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