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Passionfruit is your go-to resource for the latest trends, news, and tools impacting creators. We’re here to bring you advice from up-and-coming creators and the internet’s most seasoned business leaders. This is the aspiring creator’s guide for navigating the booming, ever-changing creator economy.

Through the newsletter and our daily reporting, we hope to show you the underreported and underrated stars and leaders that push the creator economy forward. In addition, we’ll show you the darker side of the space because building a career in social media, as is the case in many burgeoning industries, comes with pitfalls too.

We’ve covered fictional TikTok influencers, important conversations among OnlyFans collaborators, new short-form video production companies, what creators need to know about Web3, and more. There’s plenty more to come, and you get the first look.

Our Story

Going back a decade ago, when we first conceived of the Daily Dot—the first and only newsroom dedicated to internet culture—we immediately conceived of what we cheekily called at the time the “cewebrity” beat. 

We have been carefully watching and reporting on creators since we first blasted “Gucci Gucci” on repeat in the office. These are the people who make the internet the rest of us consume. And we’ve been consumed, in turn, by their creations far more than we ever cared about anyone on the cover of People magazine. 

But creating in 2023 is different than it was in 2010. It’s no longer enough for us to cover the cewebrity beat for their fans—our readers. There’s a need to cover the creator economy for the creators themselves.

We are closer than ever before to the dream of “1,000” fans. More young people today want to be a YouTube star than want to be an astronaut. Investment is pouring into the creator economy, and Sand Hill Road has found its new target for exploitation. It’s a lot to navigate. We feel we’ve grown up with the creator economy and we want to be there to help creators navigate it as it explodes to become one of the world’s largest industries.

So think of us as your newsroom. Tell us what you want to know about and we’ll go out and report on it. Every week, we’ll email you in-depth reporting, tools, tips, and tricks. We are here to do great journalism on the creator economy for you, the creators yourselves. 

Passionfruit began as a Daily Dot newsletter in August 2021 by site editors Tiffany Kelly, Eilish O’Sullivan, Ramon Ramirez, and Daysia Tolentino; reporter Grace Stanley; designer Cole Mitchell; Fragment Special Projects and Operations Lead Andrew Fincham; Fragment Partnerships and Account Manager Vanessa St-Amand; and Fragment Group Publisher David Flynn.

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