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It’s not easy to step away from a successful YouTube career. Cat Valdes, better known online as Catrific, was an early YouTuber who rose to fame alongside vloggers like Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Joey Graceffa, and Shane Dawson. Over time, Valdes found that her heart wasn’t in the content, and she preferred working on the business side of creator partnerships. So, she made a big change.

In the early days of YouTube and influencer marketing, there was little guidance for creators looking to monetize their videos. Rates for brand deals were inconsistent, and creators had to rely on each other for tips on getting paid. Valdes always liked helping her friends navigate these contracts, so after deciding to leave her YouTube channel behind, she came to Jellysmack, one of the creator economy’s most prominent companies that helps creators maximize their growth and earnings. Passionfruit reporter Grace Stanley spoke with Valdes about her shift from YouTuber to Jellysmack’s director of creator partnerships and how the creator economy has changed in recent years.


By Grace Stanley,  Passionfruit Reporter

Cat Valdes, Jellysmack


Hollywood magic in the palm your hand


Sober Instagram is reducing stigma around addiction

The community helps normalize not drinking and decrease the barrier for people seeking help.

By Blair Sharp, Passionfruit Contributor



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