🤖 Creators Speak Out Against AI Art


This month, discourse around artificial intelligence (AI) art picked up traction once again since the technology’s emergence years ago, after viral filters and software like MyHeritage AI and Lensa blew up on TikTok.

TikTokers are infatuated with how MyHeritage showcases “you” from different historical periods using AI software. Beyond a fun and interesting trend, it seemed to resonate with many trans people and people of color, who got to see themselves and their identities affirmed. Lensa, another AI-driven app that turns users’ selfies into art, also gained traction with creators this month. And finally, this week a TikTok filter that turns users into AI-generated anime art also went viral.

However, not everyone is enjoying the rise of AI art. As Passionfruit contributor Catherine Shuttleworth reports, many artists are speaking out against art produced by artificial intelligence, accusing software of stealing and failing to credit artists’ work in order to produce images. Read more about the controversy below.


AI art is taking over social media, but creators are divided

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