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Yesterday marked the start of VidCon, and the Passionfruit team is here to give you the rundown of what’s going on in Anaheim. After nearly three years away due to the pandemic, the conference is back, and the energy is chaotic. From legendary YouTubers to rising TikTokers, we are bound to get a fascinating look into the creator economy and culture. 

In honor of VidCon, we thought it would be fitting to feature Smosh in this week’s newsletter. The YouTube comedy outfit was one of the first internet stars, and now it has grown into a cross-platform, multi-million subscriber media company. Passionfruit reporter Grace Stanley spoke with the team to get insight on their 16-year old journey.


From Myspace to Mythical, Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox and CEO Daniel Tibbets share how the brand has grown over 16 years

“What they delivered from the comic perspective is extremely impactful on an entire generation.”

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter


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Keely Cat-Wells, C Talent

C Talent founder Keely Cat-Wells is making the creator economy more accessible to Disabled creators

Create a 5 year plan. Create a big plan.’

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter


Sadie Jean

Musician Sadie Jean discusses how she adjusted to newfound TikTok fame

‘I’m learning how to manage my time better so that I have time to actually live my life.’

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter


  • Influencers and consumers have posted videos and reviews reporting gastrointestinal issues from Daily Harvest’s French Lentil + Leek Crumbles. (via NBC News)
  • Agency Havas Media is partnering with Spotter, a creator investment company, to allow Havas’ brand clients to better connect with diverse talent in the creator economy. (via Adweek)
  • Meta is introducing more monetization options for creators on Facebook and Instagram including interoperable subscriptions across platforms, more monetization opportunities using Reels, and an extended revenue sharing freeze. More details on Zuck’s Facebook.
  • Coinbase is lowering influencer affiliate payouts amid the crypto crash. (via Insider)


I’m deep into BookTok—so much so that I’m being recommended at-home library cataloging tools!

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