🎮 ‘League of Legends’ Union Refuses To Play


In a historic move, professional League of Legends players in the North American League Championship Series (LCS) are making their voices heard. Just days before its highly anticipated summer season kicks off this Thursday, these players voted to walk out.

The uproar stems from Riot Games’ decision to remove the requirement for teams to field amateur rosters. This change has raised concerns about the future of aspiring young players looking to break into the professional scene. 

The vote, which overwhelmingly passed, garnered widespread support from devoted fans, pro players, and esports content creators alike. It’s a watershed moment that not only echoes the demands of player unions in traditional sports like the NFL, NBA, and NHL, but also bears a “striking” resemblance (pun intended) to the ongoing Writers Strike.

This is more than just a fight for “more pay.” Just like the Writers Guild of America, these players are challenging the status quo and addressing larger issues surrounding the trajectory of their careers. They are taking a stand against short-term profit prioritization at the expense of long-term career opportunities.

Join us as we dive into the courageous actions of these gamers, their impact on the esports industry, and the parallels drawn to the fights for fair treatment in other creator realms.


‘League of Legends’ union refuses to play

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