🏆 Passionfruit’s Picks of 2022


Welcome to Passionfruit’s Picks of 2022, a year-end list celebrating some of the most stand-out creators of the year. With these selections, we hope to bring attention to just a few of the creators who can teach us something about what it means to make an impact on the internet in 2022.

With so many talented creators bursting onto the scene in recent years, plucking out only a handful to celebrate was a daunting task. While we definitely considered things like follower counts, in the end, we made our selections based on subjective criteria that went beyond raw numbers. 

After all, being a stand-out social media star is as much about ineffable qualities like community, creativity, and artistic impression as it is about racking up views. Specifically, we’ve focused on creators with innovative content strategies, mold-breaking creativity, and a passion for igniting meaningful change. We’ve also highlighted those who showed other creators how to cultivate an audience and turn their content into a career.

We nominated creators under four categories: influential insiders, rising stars, advocates, and game-changers. Our list includes creators who are surviving the game, winning the game, and reinventing the game. Read more about them below.


Passionfruit’s Picks of 2022

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