✂️ Pinterest’s New Collage App Is a Gen Z Fav


With social media users craving communities and authenticity (or, at least, a feigned version à la BeReal), Pinterest’s new app Shuffles seems primed to fill their need. Reminiscent of the now-defunct fashion site Polyvore or the aesthetically pleasing collages of Tumblr, Shuffles harkens back to a more casual, creative online experience where the focus of the content was less on the individual creator and more on the collective exchange of ideas. 

As Passionfruit contributor Catherine Shuttleworth writes, “it’s not what you are like, but rather what you like” on Shuffles—at least for now. Zoomers are finding community by creating and sharing mood boards of their shared interests, from fandom to fashion. While the plans for Shuffles’ future are unclear, Shuttleworth describes why people are loving the current beta and the low stakes feel of creating collages out of their Pinterest boards.


Pinterest’s invite-only platform Shuffles is Gen Z’s new favorite app

The platform inspires creativity over competition.

By Catherine Shuttleworth, Passionfruit Contributor

Shuffles collage with cat mushroom flowers and sun with moon caption "the new it girl app

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