đź“Ł What You Need To Know About the First East Coast VidCon


VidCon, the beloved digital creator convention founded by John and Hank Green, is turning 13 next year. Within that time, the event has grown beyond what anyone could have imagined in 2010, scaling to multiple conferences in various global cities since it was acquired by Paramount Global (formerly Viacom) in 2018. 

In all of its years, the convention has never come to the East Coast of the United States—until now. The brand announced it was holding a VidCon event in Baltimore next fall, with hopes to bring the experience to more people in the U.S. Many were perplexed by the location, but VidCon’s senior vice president of marketing and communications Sarah Tortoreti explained the decision—and more—to Passionfruit reporter Grace Stanley. Learn more about the event below.


Marketing executive Sarah Tortoreti shares what creators need to know about VidCon Baltimore

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Def Noodles speaking into microphone on blue to purple gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Def Noodles’ new direction alienated fans—how did we get here? 

The move strained the already-fraught trust he had from fans.

By Steven Asarch, Passionfruit Contributor


REFY Lip Kit on yellow to orange gradient money sign background Passionfruit Remix

TikToker says her video was used in Refy Beauty ad without her permission, sparking debate

“Is that legal?”

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter



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