🔈TikToker Keith Lee Speaks Out Against Rumors He Is a ‘Thief’


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This week, we’re exploring a viral story about food TikToker Keith Lee, who recently spoke out against false rumors that he stole a producer’s idea for a TV show pilot. In a viral exposé, the producer lamented how unnamed “food critic and thief” took her idea, and users speculated it was Lee. After Lee spoke out, the producer clapped back, claiming she never said she was speaking about Lee in the first place and criticizing Lee for driving hate comments to her page.

As Passionfruit contributor Rebekah Harding explains, this story sparked a debate with many creators and influencers chiming in on the dangers of innuendo, rumors, and miscommunication online. Lawyers also shared with Passionfruit how this case touches on interesting issues of copyright, defamation, and entertainment law. Read more below.


Food TikToker Keith Lee speaks out against false rumors he stole someone’s TV idea, sparking debate about the dangers of innuendo online



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