🔥 VidCon: Internet OGs Share How They Fight Burnout


Happy Tuesday! Beginning today, we’ll be bringing you two newsletters per week (although, as a programming note, we will be skipping July 5 to account for the holiday). This week, we’re sharing some of our dispatches from VidCon, which returned to Anaheim after three years away due to the pandemic.

I came into VidCon wanting to hear from creators who have proven their longevity and to learn what strategies they have implemented to build sustainable careers. Burnout has been a huge issue for creators for years, so it was interesting to get the perspectives of the people who blazed trails in the industry—and are still around to impart their knowledge. I wrote about their advice in the story below.

The Passionfruit team also spoke with a few creators at VidCon about their own journeys, creative processes, and how they’ve cultivated their audiences, all of which can be found further down in the newsletter.


Content is high-stress work. Here’s how creators found balance after years of burnout

From OGs to the new gen of TikTok stars, sustainability is more important than ever.

By Daysia Tolentino, Passionfruit Editor


YouTuber Jarvis Johnson discusses taking risks, mentoring creators, and figuring it out

“I haven’t tested the boundaries of where my audience will go with me.”

By Daysia Tolentino, Passionfruit Editor

From Vine to YouTube to TikTok, Sarah Schauer discusses how she grew a loyal audience

“I was like, holy crap, this is now my job.”

By Daysia Tolentino, Passionfruit Editor


Imani Barbarin talks Lizzo’s lyric change and advocating for disability rights

“I want disabled people to have fewer interactions that rock their world on a daily basis with the non-disabled world.”

By Moises Mendez II, Passionfruit Contributor

YouTuber Kat Blaque discusses why her content, audience, and mindset have shifted since starting in 2005

“I find that a lot of times when I’ve shifted my direction, I alienate at least a section of my audience.”

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter


  • Daily Dot editor Victoria Gagliardo-Silver recapped some VidCon panels for Passionfruit: In one, influencers spoke about the pressures of creating while Black. In another, creators spoke about how they deal with online harassment.
  • Passionfruit contributor Moises Mendez II attended two panels led by LGBTQIA+ creators: one about representation and another on maintaining privacy.
  • Here are 10 of the wildest moments from VidCon. (via Buzzfeed News)
  • MrBeast helped break down the YouTube algorithm. (via TechCrunch)
  • YouTubers are mitigating burnout through longform videos. (via NBC News)
  • The fervor over Dream SMP took over VidCon. (via NBC News)


The line for the human Squishmallow claw machine at VidCon was soooo long. This TikToker clearly made the wait worth it!

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