Out of This World: 5 ‘Star Wars’ Creators That Are a Must-Follow

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To put it simply, Star Wars changed my life.

From an early age, I was hooked on this amazing universe created by George Lucas. Star Wars inspired my love for film and filmmaking, and I channeled that love into hosting podcasts on the Popcorn Talk Network and even competing in The Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Most importantly, it served as the foundation for my career as a mechanical engineer, sparking an interest in space, science, and technology that I still carry with me today.

My love for storytelling has not stopped. I am the co-host of a Star Wars podcast, Scoundrels, Inc. Every week, Kevin Smets, Frank Janisch, Sean Sullivan, and I dive into our love for the franchise, covering the latest news surrounding the Star Wars galaxy while infusing pieces of ourselves into the discussion—from over-the-top character impressions to debating our favorite droids.

We are not alone in this love. On this May the 4th, I want to highlight and interview some of my favorite Star Wars creators on the internet. Since fans all around the world witnessed the power of the force for the first time in 1977, the Star Wars fandom has always been about community. With fans being divided regarding the current state of the franchise (some love it, some hate it), it has become essential to remember that community now more than ever.

The Resistance Broadcast

By John Hoey, James Baney, and Lacey Gilleran


J.J. Abrams sees impression of him thanks to best friend Greg Grunberg. 😅🫣 #starwars #jjabrams #impressions

♬ original sound – The Resistance Broadcast 🎧

The Resistance Broadcast, a podcast formerly part of Star Wars News Net, branched out on its own and grew to 1,970 subscribers since November 2022. On this twice-weekly show, its three co-hosts break down the latest Star Wars news, TV coverage, book reviews, and more. They’ve even gotten the attention of J.J. Abrams when co-host John Hoey did his own impression of the director in an electric interview with Star Wars actor Greg Grunberg. 

This channel is a must-watch for fans looking to stay up-to-date on everything Star Wars. There is a reason this podcast was selected to perform a live show from the 2023 Star Wars Celebration Podcast Stage in London. The Resistance Broadcast knows its stuff, and its group chemistry makes you feel like you are truly a part of the conversation. 

Why did you start your channel?

John: We started our own channel in November 2022 because we became a fully independent podcast. We want to make sure we have a presence in all spaces to reach as many people as possible, but also to be a part of the positive side of Star Wars fandom in a space that is often thought of as full of negativity and hate. 

What advice do you have for other creators in this space?

Lacey: Be yourself. Everyone has their own viewpoints and opinions about Star Wars, and that’s okay. It’s what makes the fandom so awesome. Don’t try to be someone other than you. Celebrate what you love, and do it unapologetically. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn as you go. No one is perfect.

What’s been the best thing about being part of the Star Wars community? What’s the most challenging?

James: One of the most challenging things about being involved in Star Wars to the level that we are is that in “normal life” I know more about this franchise than any family member, coworker, or friend that I have. But online to our peers, it’s pretty common to feel like you don’t know enough or aren’t doing enough. Star Wars has a very dedicated fan base, and it can be tough trying to keep your head above water.

That being said, no one in this space is rivals, which is one of the best things about the community. So often we share space and respect others for their knowledge and similar dedication that I’m reminded of how cool and collaborative our community actually is. Yes, with the creators themselves, but also with so many dedicated fans who love and watch all creators. This community loves this series so much, and it’s amazing to see what we can accomplish together.


By Ken Napzok, Joseph Scrimshaw, and Jennifer Landa

Every week, ForceCenter reaches a YouTube audience of 7,410 subscribers. Its co-creators Ken, Joseph, and Jennifer have been discussing Star Wars together since 2015 with deep dives, character analysis, TV reviews, and more. What makes this channel a must-watch is its creators’ love for the franchise—not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they also approach every topic with the same passion and excitement they had for Star Wars when they were kids.

They make it a point to not focus on unmet expectations—instead, they celebrate the stories that we’re given and what they mean for Star Wars fans today. They serve the community as a consistent reminder that in-universe history and lore come secondary to the most important element of storytelling—how does Star Wars make you feel?

Why did you start your channel?

Joseph: I’d been working for a long time as a writer, actor, and comedian. As part of that, when I was doing sketches and stand-up at conventions, I got to joke about Star Wars a lot. But no one ever wanted to dig deeper, get into the ideas. It was the most pleasant shock of my life to discover there were a LOT of people on the internet who actively wanted to hear substantive discussions about Star Wars

Ultimately, I was excited to start ForceCenter with Ken and Jennifer so I could enjoy the fun of Star Wars but also the depth. Share my own takes, but also learn from my podcast partners and our listeners.

What’s your holy grail of Star Wars merch?

Ken: As for something I own and value above all else: I have a magazine I picked up via a school book fair in elementary school. It’s from Return of the Jedi and features some of the first behind-the-scenes stories I read. That was magic to me. That people made this. They created it. The pictures and words in that magazine became just as important to me as the movies. 

As for something I want, it’s simple—I never had a classic Kenner Leia. One day I’ll save up enough allowance money and get one.

What advice do you have for other creators in this space?

Ken: There are thousands of channels and podcasts—but none of them are yours.

Star Wars Explained

By Alex Damon and Mollie Damon

Serving as a living encyclopedia of Star Wars knowledge, Star Wars Explained reaches a YouTube audience of 785,000 subscribers and TikTok audience of 100,000 followers. Its creators, Alex and Mollie, have been educating the fandom since 2014. Every day they post short-form videos to explain theories, lore, history, and everything Star Wars fans need to know. They also host weekly live streams.

The Star Wars universe is big, complicated, and ever-expanding—but Alex and Mollie do an incredible job making sense of the madness. If I don’t understand something in a film or TV series, or I want to pick up on any details I might have missed, the channel is my go-to. They are one of the most trusted information resources in the Star Wars community.

Why did you start your channel?

Alex: I started my channel because I wanted to study for a trivia competition held in Atlanta every year at Dragon Con. But I also noticed that most Star Wars content at the time was very long, and I thought there was some space for more bite-sized videos.

What’s been the best thing about being part of the Star Wars community? What’s the most challenging?

Alex: Getting to know the Star Wars community in person is always incredibly rewarding. Being at events like Star Wars Celebration is a big boost of Star Wars love and positivity. It’s more challenging online, where people let their opinions get the better of them, refusing to accept that someone else’s thoughts on a movie or book or any story are equally valid as theirs, even if they don’t agree.

What character(s) do you identify most with in the Star Wars universe?

Alex: If I’m being completely honest, probably C-3PO. He’s anxious and analytical and has a bunch of knowledge stuck in his head. Or for a more obscure pick, I really like Reath Silas in the High Republic era. He’s a Jedi who is far more comfortable in the library learning than he is in the field, but he’s willing to go out into the galaxy when the Force calls.

Sith Council

By Kristian Harloff, Steph Sabraw, and Mike Kalinowski

Reaching an audience of 75,800 subscribers, Sith Council has been a permanent fixture on Kristian Harloff’s YouTube channel since 2019. Kristian himself has been a prominent film and entertainment pundit since the early 2010s when he co-founded and co-hosted the Schmoes Know Movie Show. A decade later, Kristian is making a name for himself once again, and he’s doing it with the support of his friends.

The chemistry between Kristian, Steph, and Mike is what you would expect from three lifelong friends. Along with their producer, Paul DiNuzzo, who even has a Star Wars podcast of his own, their collective knowledge and passion for the universe are prominent every single week. You can’t help but feel like a fly on the wall of their studio, often forgetting that you’re watching a show at all.

Why did you start your channel?

Kristian: This particular channel on my is the first time I actually wanted to get out on my own. I’ve always worked with some great collaborators in the past, and I wanted to start my own channel with my name and my brand. After working with a lot of great outlets and creating a popular game show [The Movie Trivia Schmoedown], I wanted to go back to my roots and do my own type of thing.

What character(s) do you identify most with in the Star Wars universe? 

Kristian: As much as I’d like to say Luke Skywalker or Palpatine, I’d probably say Anakin, because I think that we are all challenged with the right things to do and the wrong things to do. We don’t always pick the right choices. We try to lead with our hearts sometimes, and we try to be good people. Sometimes you follow the wrong people, and sometimes you make brash decisions. Sometimes you make the brash decision and do the right thing, so I would say Anakin.

What’s your first memory of Star Wars

Kristian: My first memory of Star Wars was Empire Strikes Back. It was the first movie I sat through with my dad in the theater. He didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, because I would usually run all over the theater. I was like four years old for something like that, and I sat and watched it. I was in absolute awe.

Sabacc the Block

By Andres Cabrera 

As a weekly show on First Cut, a film and television YouTube channel founded in 2018, Sabacc the Block reaches an audience of 5,270 subscribers. Every week, Andres Cabrera and a guest discuss everything going on in the Star Wars universe, from TV reviews to breaking news.

Andres is extremely knowledgeable about the Star Wars universe as well as a beacon of positivity within the fandom. This was prevalent at Star Wars Celebration 2022 when Andres co-hosted a panel celebrating Rey Skywalker along with other distinguished names in the Star Wars fandom. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air or a cultural shift in the way you consume Star Wars content, Andres’ electric personality will keep you engaged and excited again about the galaxy far, far away.

What’s been the best thing about being part of the Star Wars community? What’s the most challenging? 

Andres: Meeting people who share their own experiences with these stories is definitely the best part. Listening to other fans talk about characters they love allows me to view Star Wars from their perspective.

The most challenging is the toxic side of the fandom. I know there are some who want to minimize the presence of bad actors within this community but they’re definitely there. I don’t feel like ignoring them helps. Instead, calling it out and acknowledging the issue makes it easier to spot and root out. Star Wars is a story about fighting injustice and bringing people from all different backgrounds together. There is no room for hatred and discrimination.

What character(s) do you identify most with in the Star Wars universe? 

Andres: As a kid, I always resonated with Obi-Wan Kenobi. I know George Lucas intended for young kids to relate to Anakin in the prequels, but I latched on to Obi-Wan. His story as an honorable Jedi knight becoming a legendary master is still amazing to me.

Cassian Andor is the other character that hits me on so many different levels. The first is the obvious one—being played by renowned Mexican actor, Diego Luna, makes his character arc resonate with me even deeper. As a first-generation American, I grew up in a household where Spanish was all we spoke. My Latino heritage and cultural identity are something I’ve always been passionate about. Hearing Cassian’s accent and seeing his actions as a non-superpowered Rebel fighting against the Empire using nothing but his wit and will makes him a character I will always cherish.

What advice do you have for other creators in this space? 

Andres: Keep being you! I know that’s incredibly cliche but I’ve discovered so many small creators, all from different generations and backgrounds, and made sure to invite them to my Star Wars show. You never know who is watching.

Which creators do you want to see covered?
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