3 of the Best Free Graphic Design Tools for Creators

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This week, we did some research on what people are saying online about the best free graphic design tools. Here are our takes on a few of them that are easy to use, web-based, work well for social media, and won’t cost you a cent:

Figma’s free plan seems to be one of the best options out there for free graphic design tools. It has unlimited files and free options for team collaboration. It’s great for those who want to start-from-scratch and build out their own design. 

Canva is another popular option. It’s better for those who want pre-packaged templates and elements. It’s also great for collaboration, allowing a user to invite as many people as they want to their team. As the designs become more complicated, though, managing layers isn’t as easy as it is on Figma. 

Snappa is another good option. It’s best for beginners who don’t need to make too many designs. It’s very straightforward and has plenty of free templates, photos, and icons. Sadly, there’s no free option for collaboration, and it’s too bad that the free plan is limited to 3 downloads per month. 

What’s your experience with graphic design tools? Reach out to grace.stanley@clarion1822.com for a chance to get featured in an upcoming newsletter. 

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