3 Top Course-Selling Platforms for Creators

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Creators have become increasingly aware of the monetization potential of selling classes, webinars, and coaching sessions to their followers. Many creators have gained an audience showcasing their talents and teaching others how to do what they do is a great way to build community as well as make some cash. 

Plenty of platforms exist that specifically cater to creators selling courses. These platforms often feature analytics, course editors, content scheduling, marketing tools, customer service, and more. To help you sort through the different platform options out there, we created a chart that outlines three of the most popular course-selling platforms. 

Kajabi is a more expensive course-selling tool with extra features for email marketing, creating websites, and selling a variety of digital products. It’s probably best for creators with large platforms.

Podia is the mid-size option here, with an affordable plan that includes unlimited courses, students, and memberships. Alongside courses, users can also sell memberships, coaching sessions, webinars, and downloadables. 

Skillshare is our pick for new creators testing the waters. It’s free to use, although monetization is a bit tricky and unpredictable. Still, it’s a good place to get started and tap into an existing user base. 

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