3 Top Email Marketing Platforms for Creators


Intuit, the company behind TurboTax and Quickbooks, announced this past month that it will be acquiring the email marketing company Mailchimp for approximately $12 billion in cash and stock advances. According to Intuit and Mailchimp, together they plan to “deliver on the vision of an innovative, end-to-end customer growth platform for small and mid-market businesses.” 

While we’re not sure what will come from the acquisition, it did spark an interest in how Mailchimp stacks up against other email marketing platforms. Specifically, we’re interested in which email marketing companies are the best at simplifying email campaigns for creators.

Here is our breakdown of three of the top email marketing platforms, and what kind of services they offer to creators.

Mailchimp is the gold standard for email marketing platforms. Its interface is easy to use with great organization, making it good for beginners. Its free plan also covers more contacts than the other platforms listed here. 

ConvertKit has you covered on engagement and sales and has enough template and customization options to personalize your emails. It can get a little pricey as you add on more subscribers though. 

Omnisend goes above and beyond with an expansive library of templates and detailed options for customization. It also has the ability to execute very sophisticated workflows and works well for eCommerce. 

All three have similar bells and whistles for creators, so testing free plans is the best bet to figure out which you want to use. It’ll be interesting to see how Intuit’s acquisition of Mailchimp will change the product, and perhaps it will better combine email and non-email features into a single suite. 

How do you manage email campaigns? Reach out to grace.stanley@clarion1822.com if you have any feedback or insights.

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