Streamer Adin Ross Leaks Texts, Leading to Andrew Tate’s Arrest 

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Adin Ross looks like he is having a rough 2024. The edgy Kick streamer with 1.1 million followers has been consistently in the news for getting punked or acting like a fool. Now, the 23-year-old has apologized after leaking that his idols, the Tate brothers, planned to flee Romania before standing trial, leading to their detainment on March 11. 

“I privately apologized to Andrew and his team. I feel really bad about the situation,” Ross said on a March 12 stream

Influencers Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate were the center of the manosphere, pushing a lavish lifestyle on social media that earned them millions of young followers. Their influence ballooned in 2022 — even after TikTok banned Andrew. Viewers would pay the Tates to join their private Discord server, earning the brothers an estimated $8 million a month.

Others in the manosphere clung to the Tates’ clout. Like Adin Ross, who would bring Andrew Tate on multiple streams across 2022, eventually meeting up in person in Dubai.

When police detained the Tate brothers in Romania in December 2022 on rape and human trafficking charges after a months-long investigation, Ross had their backs. He shaved his head in solidarity, tweeting at President Biden to pardon them. He has continued to promote them on his stream. 

Last week, Ross read text messages from Andrew Tate saying that he was “going to be leaving Romania soon and never coming back” and “it’s basically now or never.” When police initially arrested the Tates, they were in detention for three months before moving to house arrest. Police eventually allowed them to move throughout the areas of Bucharest Municipality and nearby Ilfov County. 

But that text message made it clear they were a flight risk. On March 11, the Tates received an arrest warrant from the UK’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The Romanian courts approved the request to extradite the pair, leading to their detainment.  

Tate’s spokesperson Mateea Petrescu “denied that Tate was planning to flee Romania” to NBC. She added, “Our clients are fully committed to actively participating in the legal process and defending their reputation.” The law firm representing four of Tate’s U.K. accusers confirmed to NBC that Ross’ leak was behind the detainment. 

On Adin Ross’ apology stream, he claimed that Andrew Tate had forgiven him. He quickly dove back into business, sparring with Jake Paul and bringing a nurse on stream for content.

Tate fan accounts still seem to be on Ross’ side. They claim that Andrew will be streaming with Ross soon, which Ross echoed in his stream. But it’s hard to take anything the Tate brothers or Adin say seriously. Ross claimed in September 2023 that he was going to be streaming with dictator Kim Jong-Un, only to bring on an impersonator instead.

While the Tates have made their way out of the spotlight, Ross has only grown in popularity. Siloed away on Kick as the platform’s top creator, he’s been able to generate headlines — even if they are incredibly embarrassing.

His audience is young and impressionable, eating up the chaos and drama. News of him daring his fans to drive their car into a lake or platforming white supremacist Nick Fuentes get pushed down the feed as the latest drama rises. These viral moments are only increasing his reach and making him more popular with his young and impressionable audience. 

Adin Ross is either diabolical or just bumbling his way into a good strategy.

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