AI Detection Is Going Terribly, Thanks For Asking

Artists' Work Accidentally Labelled As AI
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In theory, AI detection labels should be a good thing for creators. They make it harder for people to steal or plagiarize work. They also ensure that the public isn’t fooled by disinformation. But recently, there have been major ways that AI detection software has failed creators. 

One way is AI detection software incorrectly labeling art as AI-generated when it isn’t. Artist Johis, whose work was wrongly accused of being AI-generated, pointed this out on X.

“I understand people are upset about AI art making it to the final cut, but please try to also Google artist names and compare to their portfolio before accusing them of using AI,” they said in a post on June 14 with over 244,000 views. “I’m genuinely pretty upset to be accused of this.”

A further, even more egregious example included a user sharing that Van Gogh’s Starry Night was flagged as AI-generated by one AI detection software.

As NBC journalist Kat Tenbarge pointed out in an X post, “Even the best-performing ‘AI detectors’ consistently deliver false results, you can’t rely on them whatsoever. That’s one of the many terrifying things about [generative] AI!”

Is Instagram’s AI detection any better?

As highlighted by TechRadar reporter Timothy Coleman on June 17, another issue facing creators is with Meta’s AI detection labels. These, too, are incorrectly identifying original images as AI-generated.

It was an issue the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, picked up on during a recent interview with YouTubers Colin and Samir. 

“It’s just the metadata on the image,” he explained.  “People are doing benign things in Photoshop that are technically using AI. And then we’re just respecting the file’s mark saying ‘Hey, AI was used to make this.’ We have to figure this out because clearly this is frustrating and not the ideal experience.”

If creators are unable to rely on both AI detection software and one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, it doesn’t bode well for the future of AI for creators.

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