Amazon Dominates the Creator Economy

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To the surprise of literally no one, Amazon is monopolizing the creator space as it relates to influencer purchases. According to a new report by influencer marketing firm Izea, 59% of social media users surveyed said they bought a product after seeing an influencer use it, with 94% of these consumers buying these products from Amazon. 

As part of this report which is cited by Business Insider, 1,200 US consumers were surveyed about how influencers… well, uh, influenced their shopping habits. To put all of this into context, 89% of social media users reported shopping on Amazon at least once a month, while 80% of these users said they were paying Amazon Prime members. 

Customers whose purchases are influenced by content creators were more than seven times more likely to purchase on Amazon compared to any other merchant, while influencers themselves were twice as likely to shop on Amazon according to the report.

But the most surprising statistic from the report was that people in the 45-60-year-old age bracket were found to be the most likely to buy a product after seeing it promoted by an influencer. In fact, 70% of those surveyed said that they’ve done so. 

This means that all those times your parents or grandparents gave you grief for being on your phone so much, the reality is that they’re voracious online shoppers too.

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