The Best TikTok Microphone for Any Budget

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TikTok is an adventure in content creation, a world of endless opportunities and constantly evolving trends. But for your content to flourish, it has to sound good. That’s why picking the best TikTok microphone is such an important choice. You can shoot a video more than once, but no one wants to miss the perfect take because of bad sound. 

Selecting the best microphone for TikTok depends on what you’re looking for. Is sound quality your main concern? How vital is whimsy and the size of your mic? Do you need wireless? Do you do live interviews? These are essential things to consider before you spend your hard-earned cash. Here are the best TikTok mics for your next video. 

What TikTok microphone should I buy? 

Best microphone for TikTok you probably already have: Apple Wired Earbuds

tiktok microphone - apple earbuds

Price: $29.00 (usually on sale for $17.99)

When you think about it, you shouldn’t be surprised that Apple’s wired earbuds are one of TikTok’s best microphones. They’ve featured in millions of front-facing camera clips, from daily stories to complete songs. There’s something comforting about a creator holding up the mic on their earbud cords to tell a tale. But beyond being popular, these guys just sound great. 

There are a few contributing factors. The direct-wired connection means there’s less interference on your signal. You can control the microphone placement yourself and cup it in your hand to block wind noise. Plus, Apple makes great products, and even in the shadow of AirPods, these hold their own. The Verge put them against the other most popular earbuds for a product test. You can hear the difference yourself.  


Sound on! We compared some wireless bud’s mics to Apple’s wired earphones. #apple #earbuds #techtok

♬ original sound – The Verge

Don’t let the price fool you. If you don’t need a wireless mic for visual reasons, this is one of the best options around for iOS. The cost is just a bonus. 


  • iOS users probably already have them
  • Incredible sound quality whether making TikToks or taking calls
  • Compact and durable 
  • Has a physical mic you can talk into, unlike AirPods or other wireless earbuds. 
  • No battery, just plug-in, and use
  • Plugs into your Lightning port


  • The look of talking into earbuds might not fit your visual brand
  • Can easily get tangled
  • They don’t come with a protective carrying case

Best alternative to Apple Earbuds for Android TikTok creators: UliX Rider Wired

tiktok microphone - ulix earbuds

Price: $20.00 (usually on sale for $17.99) 

Apple Earbuds are fantastic, they’re not the only game in town for affordable, high-quality mics for TikTok. UliX’s Rider wired earbuds are the best alternative on the market at the price point for phones with a 3.5mm connection. They’re built incredibly well with an unbelievable five years warranty and a sturdy reinforced cable. 

In fact, as someone who uses Apple Earbuds as my walking-around headphones, I wish Apple’s wired earbuds had this build quality. Apple’s sound quality is slightly better to my ears. But with anti-tangle cords or magnets in the buds to keep them together, these are built to last.

Each pair comes with three sizes of ear cushions so you can make sure they fit your ear perfectly. There’s even a little bag to keep them safe while you travel. 


  • 5-year warranty 
  • Incredible sound quality, whether making TikToks or taking calls
  • Compact and durable 
  • Has a physical mic you can talk into, unlike other wireless earbuds
  • Three sizes of ear cushions and a protective bag
  • No battery, just plug-in, and use
  • 3.5mm connection leaves your charging port free 


  • The look of talking into earbuds might not fit your visual brand
  • Will need a connector if your phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack 

Best wireless microphone for Videos on TikTok: Synco Wireless 

tiktok microphone - synco

Price: $79.99

Different creators have different needs, and not everyone wants to hold an earbud cord up to their mouth. Whether you make long-form essay videos, street interviews, or just like talking with your hands, Synco provides. This unit has a powerful 2.4GHz lapel mic with a charging case and a battery life of 5 hours. It comes in USB Type C and Lighting models. 

Its sliding protective case holds a clip-on Lavalier microphone and the connection port for your phone. Simply connect the receiver to your phone and hold the button on the mic down for three seconds, and you’re ready. The wireless connection works up to 50m without losing sound quality. Having used these mics firsthand for podcast interviews, these units produce crisp and clear audio even during movement. 

There’s also a built-in auto noise reduction to help focus attention on your voice while recording. Beyond its excellent sound quality, long battery life, and compatibility with any phone, this set has a built-in voice changer. To spice up your recordings, activate nine different effects, including Voice Amplification, EDM, Baby FX, and Monster FX. 


  • Charging protective case holds two full charges
  • 5 hours of recording time per charge
  • 2.4 GHz frequency mic with a 150m max range and 50m of range without sound quality loss
  • Comes in two colors, Stone Blue and Pearl White
  • Light clip-on mic is easy to place
  • Quick and straightforward connection


  • Clip on the mic could be stronger 

Best earbud microphone for TikTok: Sony LinkBuds S

tiktok microphone - sony linkbuds s

Price: $199.99 

It might surprise you that Apple’s AirPods aren’t taking this spot. We realize they’re incredibly popular and sound incredible. However, Sony’s LinkBuds S narrowly edge them out for having the best wireless earbud mic on the market. Its Beam Forming Microphone delivers crystal clear audio, whether you’re taking calls or making videos. 

The LinkBuds S microphone does a phenomenal job of cutting through ambient noise, particularly outside. For most users, the sound quality will be nearly identical to Apple’s AirPods. Both devices produce incredible sound. Where the LinkBuds S set themselves apart are the little things. 

Unlike the AirPods, these have replaceable ear cushions to get a snug fit in your ear. Its charging case is slightly smaller. Beyond recording audio for videos, we also prefer the sound quality of music on the LinkBuds S. 

However, we should also say that wireless earbuds will never provide better sounds than a proper mic. Sound quality will be better with either wired headphones or a wireless microphone. 


  • Great microphone for wireless earbuds
  • High-resolution audio for music listening 
  • 6 hours of battery life with 14 hours of charge in the battery case
  • Get an hour of battery life in five minutes of charging with quick charging case
  • Comes with six sizes of earbud tips
  • Support for Dolby Atmos 


  • More expensive than AirPods 
  • Wireless earbuds don’t have the microphone quality of dedicated microphones or wired headphones 

Best tiny microphone for TikTok: DXQMY Wireless Microphone


Price: $33.99

We realize when people say they want a tiny or mini microphone for TikTok, they mean something cute and little like this. No judgment; we all want to be a “smol bean” sometimes. However, what if you could combine cuteness, affordability, and good sound in one mic? With the DXQMY wireless microphone system, you can. 

This budget-priced wireless Lavalier microphone gives you two microphones and receivers for USB-C and lightning connections. That means you’re ready to connect to any smartphone right out of the box. Each mic works up to 64ft away from the transmitter, making it perfect for skits or interviews. 

Each mic auto-syncs with the dock to connect to the receiver without an app or Bluetooth. You’ll get up to eight hours of battery life per charge. However, what makes it the best tiny mic around is that you have two of them. 

You can attach one to your shirt for hands-free recording and then hold the second mic as a small handheld unit to talk to someone else. The DXQMY gives you the visual effect of having a tiny microphone in your TikTok video without the awful sound of tiny aux mics. 


  • Cute 
  • Two Lavalier microphones for one affordable price
  • Comes with iOS and USB-C connectors 
  • 65ft effective range 
  • Up to eight hours of battery life per charge
  • Comes with a portable protective case 


  • No charging case so you’ll need to make sure you plug in both mics a few hours before using 
  • Less than 20 meters of range 
  • Doesn’t match the sound quality of other, more expensive Lavalier mics

TikTok Singing and ASMR Microphones

When venturing into specialized TikTok content like ASMR videos or singing TikToks, the quest for the perfect influencer microphone intensifies. For creators dedicated to these niches, sound isn’t just a detail—it’s the soul of their content. This necessitates a pivot towards more sophisticated, high-quality influencer mics designed to capture every nuance of sound with pristine clarity.

While the microphones discussed above serve a broad range of purposes excellently, ASMR aficionados and singing talents on TikTok require tools that can handle the delicate intricacies of their craft. These creators often lean towards mics that offer superior sound fidelity, noise cancellation, and the ability to capture the full tonal range of their voice or the subtle sounds meant to trigger ASMR responses.

For those ready to take their ASMR or singing TikToks to new heights, explore microphones specialized for creating ASMR or the best influencer microphones for content creators.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a TikTok Microphone

  1. Type of Content
    • Music Performance: If you’re recording music, look for a microphone with a wide frequency range that captures both high and low notes clearly.
    • Vocal Content: Podcast-style talks, skits, or any vocal-focused content benefit from a cardioid microphone, which is designed to capture sound from the front, minimizing background noise.
  2. Compatibility
    • Ensure the microphone is compatible with your recording device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or camera. Most smartphones may require an adapter to connect to traditional microphones.
  3. Portability
    • For creators on the go, portability is crucial. Compact, lightweight microphones that don’t sacrifice sound quality are ideal for outdoor shoots or dynamic settings.
  4. Ease of Use
    • Consider microphones that are plug-and-play, especially if you’re not technically inclined. Some microphones come with apps that offer enhanced features like sound effects and mixing options, which can be particularly useful for adding a professional touch to your content.
  5. Sound Quality
    • Noise Cancellation: Look for microphones with built-in noise cancellation to ensure your audio is clear, even in noisy environments.
    • Sensitivity: A sensitive microphone picks up more sound details, which is great for high-quality recordings, but it may also capture unwanted background noise.
  6. Durability
    • If you frequently record outdoors or in varied locations, consider a microphone’s build quality and durability. A robust design can withstand travel and outdoor conditions better.
  7. Power Source
    • Some microphones require external power sources, while others are powered directly through your device. Battery-powered mics are more portable but remember to consider battery life and replacement costs.
  8. Connectivity Options
    • Wired vs. Wireless: Wired microphones generally offer better sound quality and reliability, but wireless mics provide greater mobility and are ideal for active or outdoor recording.
    • Bluetooth Compatibility: For ease of use, especially with smartphones or tablets, a Bluetooth-enabled microphone can be very convenient.
  9. Price
    • Balance your budget with your needs. While higher-priced microphones often offer superior sound quality and features, there are many affordable options that still provide great audio for TikTok videos.
  10. Brand and Reviews
    • Research brands and read user reviews to gauge a microphone’s performance in real-world scenarios. User experiences can provide insight into how the microphone performs under different conditions, which can help you make a more informed decision.

Choosing the right microphone for TikTok involves balancing sound quality, ease of use, compatibility, and your specific content needs. Investing time in selecting the right microphone can elevate your TikTok content by enhancing its professionalism and appeal to viewers.

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