Can Men Actually Make Money on OnlyFans?

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It’s a question we’ve heard again and again: Can men make money on Onlyfans? In fact, approximately 20 percent of the content creators on OnlyFans are men—and they make up 30 percent of the top earning one percent on the platform. If you view it as a website created to host your pay-per-view content for your fans to enjoy, it doesn’t matter what your gender is—you just have to figure out who your audience is and get them to the platform. 

While most content creators who set up a profile on OnlyFans do so to host adult content, for men who want to make money on OnlyFans, finding your perfect niche may include branching out to categories such as gaming and lifestyle, fitness, food, or other hobbies. It’s even possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, provided your content is interesting an clickable enough.

According to research, a male creator with 1000 fans can outearn a similar female creator by 45 percent and can earn between $1000 and $7500 per month, though the average income for men is usually closer to about $180 per month. Adult content creation aside, gaming and lifestyle topics perform the best for male creators, with LGBTQ content coming in a close second.

How Can Men Make Money On OnlyFans?

You’ll need to get started on OnlyFans by making a profile before you can start bringing your brand-new subscribers over to check out your premium content.

To do so, come up with a unique username that your fans will be able to remember and that will make them instantly think of you when they see it. It’s helpful to check other social media sites you’ll be using to be sure it’s available across all platforms so you can remain consistent with your branding. While you’ll have to provide your legal name to OnlyFans behind the scenes, the username you come up with can be as anonymous as you’d like.

One of the biggest questions guys ask is how can I make money on OnlyFans. Research shows beyond adult content, fitness, photography, and cooking are popular niches for guys wanting to share content on the platform. Combining any of these topics can be a great way to draw in more fans to your profile and incorporate something you enjoy in your day-to-day life. 

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If you want to maximize your income potential, it’s smart to consider catering to everyone you could possibly reach and play to your assets. If you are blessed with a great physique, are willing to create more explicit content, are willing to collaborate with other content creators, and are open-minded you will open yourself to making more money as a man on OnlyFans.

Once you’ve decided exactly what type of content you’ll be providing, it’s important to promote your OnlyFans on other social media sites, as OnlyFans doesn’t provide any internal promotion. Bringing your potential subscribers over to your profile is vital to making money, but you first have to convince them to head over and subscribe.

Engaging with these fans and being consistent with your posting schedule is a great first step in winning them over and guaranteeing you end up with fans who want to pay to see your premium content. 

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Men can make money on OnlyFans when they take the time to be creative not only with their content creation but also with how they engage with their fans. You don’t have to be a rap star with millions of followers to accomplish this.

Offer something others can’t provide—personalized content, responding to private messages, connection, and making your fans feel as if they’re special. When you engage personally with every fan who reaches out, you begin to build a community that becomes loyal to you.

Still, making money on OnlyFans takes time, effort, creativity, and a willingness to look within and figure out what you’re going to bring to your little corner of the internet in exchange for a piece of the pie. Make it fun and in no time you’ll wonder why you ever questioned if men make money on OnlyFans in the first place. 

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