The Joy—and Horror—of CleanTok

Svietlieisha Olena/Shutterstock SNicky/Shutterstock (CC-BY) remix by Cole Mitchell

This story originally appeared on the Daily Dot.

This month, I’m moving out of a place I’ve lived for a while, and I’ve started having panic attacks when I try to remember how to deep clean. So I started looking at CleanTok, TikTok’s hub for cleaning hacks and tutorials, for some pointers. 

At first, it was helpful. I took note of certain tools and techniques, and I started trying out specific products. It was revelatory: Oh, that’s how you clean fan blades. And scrolling through CleanTok is often just relaxing: There is a meditative aspect to watching other people clean: water, soap, little to no dialogue. There’s also a sensory aspect: CleanTok is deeply connected to ASMR. 

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