The Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro Is The Best Ring Light On The Market

Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro
Lume Cube/Youtube

Behind almost every great social media creator’s success story is a ring light that never got enough credit. Ring lights democratized social media production, a simple, affordable option that offered unbeatable lighting and value. The Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro is an evolution of that concept, turning the things you love about ring lights towards the world of professional production.

Compact, brilliantly bright, and simple to use, the Ring Light Pro is a multifunction lighting tool for creators. Whether you long for an unboxing kingdom, vlog daily, or need a portrait light, the Ring Light Pro will serve you well. The question is, is the Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro worth $269.99? Does it elevate the game enough to justify its price? Let’s take a look. 

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What is the Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro?

The Ring Light Pro is arguably the best ring light on the market. This 17.5” diameter light delivers soft, even, powerful light that’s easy on the eyes. You won’t experience squinting or sore eyes even on its brightest settings. Its option-filled remote allows even solo creators to adjust their settings without leaving their camera frame. While it is an expensive piece of gear, it’s clear from the experience where your money is going. 

How much does the Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro cost? 

The Cordless Ring Light Pro costs $269.99. Lume Cube also offers a payment plan that lets you buy the light for either $24.47 per month. There’s also an option for four interest-free payments. The device is not currently available refurbished. However, you can check here to see if that has changed since publication. 

What does the Lume Cube Ring Light Pro come with? 

The Ring Light Pro comes in travel with the following accessories.

  • Ring Light Pro
  • 70″ Light Stand
  • Smartphone Mount
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cord

We love the travel case. The Ring Light Pro comes in a well-designed case that packs your entire kit in a compact, travel-friendly manner. Everything is secured in pouches or by velcro straps, so you’ll never open it up and find your stuff rolling around. 

Even after including all your cords, stand, remote, mount, and light, there are still two big pockets for whatever. It’s an excellent added utility to a bag that has to take up a certain amount of space. 

The design and build of the 70” light stand is notable. It compacts to about a foot but is still stable and strong. 

What’s Great About The Cordless Ring Light Pro Apart?

You can buy a cheap ring light for $30. So why should you consider the $269.99 Ring Light Pro? The answer is quality. A basic ring light is an incredible place to start, but you may want more options as your content grows. Here’s what sets the Ring Light Pro apart from its peers.   

Edge Lit Technology With Built In Diffusion Creates Powerful, Warm, Soft Light

It’s remarkable how bright the Ring Light Pro is. This 17.5” diameter light has 256 inward-facing LEDs and built-in diffusion for powerful soft light with even coverage. With a max brightness of 1500 Lumens, you can create sharp content no matter how dim the room is. 

The built-in diffuser keeps your lighting soft even under the brightest settings. This model has a 96+ CRI rating on the Color Realization Index. This rank is out of 100, with 100 being able to perfectly replicate color under white light. This color accuracy helps bring out the vibrance of your locations and subjects. 

Most importantly, the more light you have, the better picture your camera can get. The average smart phone has 50 to 60 max lumens output with its light. Using the Ring Light Pro, you get 30 percent more light for your camera to capture. Glare is rarely an issue, thanks to the powerful diffusion. Lighting a scene with the Lume Cube Ring Light Pro is a joy. 

Adjustable Color Temperature Range of 3200K – 5600K 

Ambient lighting and your setting can impact the way skin tones look on camera. You can manually correct these quirks in your skin tones using a light’s color temperature settings. The Ring Light Pro has an adjustable color temperature range of 3200K to 5600k. This offers creators everything from cold white light to warm evening glows. Dialing in the exact color temperature of skin tones, even remotely, is simple with this light. 

1700 lux at .5 Meters For Making Foreground Subjects Pop 

This is a prominent feature for users who make selfie and front-facing camera content. The Ring Light Pro delivers 1700 at .5 meters. If you’ve never heard the term “lux” before, let’s explain. The Lux is a unit of measure for tracking the light intensity of a specific area. 

1 lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. In the case of the Ring Light Pro, that means at a distance of .5 meters, your subject will have up to 1700 lumens of light. If your subject is within the .5 meter space, the lighting will be brighter on them than the background. 

Powerful Remote Control Lets You Adjust Settings While In Frame

Fine tuning a light when doing a self shoot can be a frustrating waste of time. It’s hard to see how the light looks on you if you can’t stay in the frame while adjusting it. Thanks to the Lume Cube’s included remote, you never have to leave the frame to fix your light.

Simple button presses let you adjust brightness and temperature, while preset shortcut buttons let you quickly make adjustments. There’s even the option to pair multiple Ring Light Pros, letting you build more complicated lighting setups. 

Cordless Ring Light Pro - Remote
Lume Cube

Rechargeable Long Lasting Battery Life 

You never really appreciate how much time you spend looking for a power outlet until you use chargeable gear. Getting set up for a shoot with the Ring Light Pro takes less than a minute. Its collapsable stand sets up in seconds. Then it’s just a matter of flipping the on switch. That’s because the Ring Light Pro has a powerful rechargeable battery. 

You can get up to 70 minutes of use at full brightness, with up to 120 minutes of use at lower output levels. This opens up a world of possibilities for bloggers when coupled with this light’s low profile. Take it to the beach, the park, backstage at an event, or where ever your heart desires. If you forget to charge it, there’s space in the carrying case for the charger to stay secure. 

Friendly for DSLR and Smartphone Users Alike 

It doesn’t matter if you use a DSLR or a smartphone, this light is ready for you out of the box. Each model comes with a universal smartphone mount that switches from landscape to portrait. Removing the smartphone mount reveals a camera mount that will fit most DSLR cameras. 

Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro review
Shot with Canon R5 John-Michael Bond

180º Tilt 

Lighting an overhead shot while securing a camera can be a giant pain for creators. With a powerful 180º tilt, you can get almost any overhead shot directly in front of you without sacrificing light quality. This is great for product photography, cooking videos, Lego builds, and creative videos. 

USB-A Charging Ports 

We all need power sometimes. If you ever need to charge a USB device, the Ring Light Pro includes to USB-A charging ports. Just keep in mind, this will reduce the usable battery life of the light itself. 

Seriously, We Love The Travel Case 

We spoke about this a bit before, but it bears repeating. The travel case for this light rules. Its low profile allows it to easily slip into your gear storage without needing to make any room. Even when traveling with a full trunk of gear, finding room for this narrow square was never a struggle. Plus, it has extra pockets for notebooks, extension cords, straps, or gels. It’s incredible how much it fits into its compact frame. 

What weakness does the Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro have? 


The elephant in the room with the Lume Cube Cordless Ring Light Pro is its price. Cheap ring lights start at $20, and good quality basic models can be found for around $60 with remotes. If it isn’t in your budget, you have options. However, there’s an old saying about getting what you pay for. 

Most creators have experienced the frustration of spending too much money buying cheap gear they needed to replace. Sometimes purchasing the wrong equipment two or three times can be more expensive than buying the right gear once.

You’ll get one of the brightest, highest-quality ring lights available for your money. Its portability can’t be beat, and few lights provide this quality of illumination and features. But at $269.99, this light is an investment. Maybe you’ll want to wait until a refurbished model comes around. Just remember, plenty of great artists make do with budget gear. You can always save up until you have the money. 

Internal Battery

One advantage of cheaper ring lights is that many models have replaceable batteries. This allows you to keep shooting even if one runs out of power. The Ring Light Pro only has a rechargeable internal battery, so you’ll need to find an outlet if you run out of power. This is a minor complaint, but it can matter if you’re shooting an event or doing makeup remotely. 

No Color Lights

Lume Cube has some of the best color lighting technology in portable lighting, so it’s disappointing not to see it here. This ring light is perfect for creating warm yet soft, white light. But we would love to see a future edition that explores the color output Lume Cube is known for. 

Is the Cordless Ring Light Pro worth your money?

Lume Cube’s Cordless Ring Light Pro is an unbeatable ring light, offering the best in brightness and clarity on the market. Yes, you will pay a premium, but it’s easy to understand what you’re paying for after a few uses. 

No other light is faster to set up while providing this level of quality. Add in the remote, which makes self-shooting simpler than ever, and it’s easy to recommend the Cordless Ring Light Pro. Whether you’re a video creator or a photographer, this unit will impress.

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