Creators Hit Out At OnlyFans Competitor

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On the surface, Fanvue looks like a formidable competitor to OnlyFans. While the latter takes 20% commission, the former only takes 15% for the first three months. It also offers a comparatively faster and simpler payment process, while also offering encryption to help users’ data stay secure.

Most notable, however, is Fanvue’s commitment to investing heavily in AI-generated, virtual influencers. While AI-generated explicit content is largely banned on rival platforms, on Fanvue virtual models are largely embraced.

But while these models aren’t real, the creators behind them are. And in a new interview with Business Insider, they describe their relationship with the platform as both “a blessing and a challenge.” 

The main reason for this is that the company allegedly used customers’ subscription emails to promote other free subscriptions to them —  an act of betrayal that an anonymous creator described as “unethical.”

However, Fanvue’s CEO Will Monage told Business Insider that this was “just one of many tests the company runs to experiment with the optimization of fan activation and retention.”

“I can fully appreciate why creators have expressed that,” he said. ‘They look at it as they maybe feel like a fan is being redistributed away from them. From our perspective, what we’re trying to do is make sure that fans have value.”

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