In Darcey Angel’s Videos, Every Beauty Product Has Its Own Sound Effect

Darcey Angel Remix by Cole Mitchell

This week, we caught up with Darcey Angel via email. Angel is a TikToker from the United Kingdom known online for ASMR-style makeup and skincare videos. She also posts lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and get-ready-with-me videos. Her online presence has garnered an audience of over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and over 399,000 on Instagram

The interview below has been condensed and edited.

What’s the first thing you do to start your day online?

I always check my TikTok in the morning, a large majority of my following are international, so I get a lot of activity whilst I’m sleeping. I also check Instagram DMs and comments, I try to reply to as many as I can, so they feel appreciated and know that I see the support! Lastly, I always check for notifications from my manager, George, who helps me get lots of exciting collaborations. 

What do you wish you knew when you were first starting out as a creator?

I wish I could go back and tell my past self that it’s not always easy. Social media is constantly changing meaning content will change, engagement will change, and algorithms will change. Keeping up with those changes requires lots of hard work and dedication. 

I also wish I knew that numbers don’t define me as a person. Looking back, I’d dwell on a decrease in numbers, or a lack of growth and I’d really let it affect my mental well-being. It’s incredibly easy to let numbers consume you if you’re a creator but I’ve now learnt how to look past that and stay positive. 

When did you realize you’d broken through and become a successful creator?

If I’m completely honest, I still have yet to realize it (every morning I question if what I’m doing is reality). But I think it was when I started to tick off my bucket list in terms of working with my favorite brands. It’s so crazy to me how a couple of years ago I would save the money and treat myself to a high-end eyeshadow palette and now those brands are reaching out to me. 

I also think events have made me realize that I was becoming more successful. There is an influencer who I used to (and still do) aspire to be like, I used to watch her videos and try and recreate her makeup looks in my room with my small makeup collection, and now I’ve become friends with her because we attend the same events—that makes me so so happy that I do what I do.

If you hadn’t become a creator, what would you be doing right now?

I’m currently nearing the end of my last year of school, so I’d probably be dedicating all my time to studying and perhaps thinking about university. Obviously, that plan has changed as social media has become a bigger part of my life. If I hadn’t become a creator, I would still love to be doing something related to makeup, so perhaps working in PR or as a full-time makeup artist. Acting or singing has also been something I would have wanted to do but never really engaged in.

At this point, however, I can’t imagine myself doing anything different than creating content and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it every day.

What’s one thing you do to manage your relationship with your fans?

I think having that strong connection with my followers is so important in terms of being a creator. I try to reply to as many private messages as I can, I absolutely love how being a creator means communicating with an international audience. I get lots of messages on Instagram where my followers tell me they are inspired to do their skincare or makeup, and they send me pictures of their looks and that always makes my day. Knowing I’m able to inspire people is truly amazing. 

One of my favourite things to do is a story Q+A where my followers can ask me anything, whether that be personal or makeup related, it’s so fun and a great way to understand what your followers want to see from you.

I also try to reply to comments on TikTok, I love how you can reply with a video, it makes it so much more meaningful and it’s a lot easier to reply to questions. 

What do you think of the idea of cancel culture?

I feel really mixed about cancel culture. I 100% think that there should be consequences for vile and horrible behaviour that’s for sure, I just see it go too far sometimes, for example, death threats shouldn’t be sent no matter what in my opinion. 

I don’t think creators are ever canceled for good. A lot of them end up coming back online and it’s as if nothing occurred, so I think cancel culture is something that only lasts in the moment, and once there’s new drama, it’s forgotten about. That’s how it looks on the outside, anyway.

How much of your true self do you show online?

Honestly, with the kind of content I’m creating right now, it’s quite hard to show my true day to day self, but this is something I’m planning on changing in 2022. Currently, I tend to keep my videos low-key, and my everyday life quiet, however, I’d love for my followers to get to know me even more. 

I’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel and post more talking, relatable content, so that’s something coming very soon.

What’s one of the best interactions you’ve ever had with someone who follows you?

I think the best and most surreal interaction I’ve had was when I was on holiday, and I was recognised for the first time and asked to be in a photo. It made me so emotional and made me realize how my platforms were growing and reaching so many different countries. I think it’s incredible how just from posting short makeup videos people recognize me now. 

What is your most treasured tool?

I think a very simple answer would be my phone, of course, I do everything on there. 

But honestly, I treasure my makeup so much. I’m so grateful to all of the brands that send me products, it feels like a dream. Knowing that I started my Instagram account with makeup tutorials makes me treasure it even more. I also love how makeup can be used in so many different ways, it is an art form. You can create colourful, graphic looks or simply enhance your features, it makes me feel so creative and it’s my biggest passion.

What holds you accountable?

I feel accountable to my loyal followers, they are always looking out for new content, asking how I am on days where I haven’t posted, and just being so supportive. I feel as though I owe it to them to post what they like to see.

Thank you, Darcey, for talking with us! 

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