Dashawn Moon’s Special Effects Makeup Videos Earned the TikToker Over 6 Million Followers

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We’re reaching out to some popular creators to get their best tips and tricks for success and better understand the ups and downs of life as a trailblazer on the internet.

This week, we caught up with Dashawn Moon over email. Moon is a special effects artist who has impressively amassed over 6 million followers on TikTok. He blew up in popularity for his special effects tutorials, skits, storytimes, and makeup removal videos. This year, he also created a special effects makeup kit that is now for sale online. He shared with the Daily Dot his advice for creators, how he stays engaged with his fans, and more. 

The interview below has been condensed and edited.

What’s the first thing you do to start your day online? 

When I start my day online, I usually respond to comments on a video posted the previous night. Then, I go watch TikToks and plan videos that I want to post. 

What do you wish you knew when you were first starting out as a creator? 

Honestly, just go in and be yourself! People will love you for you, and gravitate towards your energy. 

When did you realize you’d broken through and become a successful creator? 

When people started noticing me out in public. It’s very overwhelming but I love It. 

If you hadn’t become a creator, what would you be doing right now? 

I like to consider myself a Sfx/Acting creator, but if I wasn’t doing those I would be a lawyer. I feel like I could put up a great argument. 

What’s one thing you do to manage your relationship with your fans? 

I always like to engage with my supporters in anything I do. I have random giveaways, always do follow backs, and I always talk to them everyday on my makeup removal videos to stay connected. 

What do you think of the idea of cancel culture? 

I think cancel culture is a bit dramatic. I do agree though that some creators don’t deserve a platform at all with the weird past they have. 

How much of your true self do you show online? 

I try to show myself. I’m working on opening up and showing 100% of myself, but right now I feel like I show maybe 40%. I would love to show the rest. 

What’s one of the best interactions you’ve ever had with someone who follows you? 

This girl I met at the fair started crying. It was crazy. I was shook and I didn’t even know what to say but to remain so humble. I loved it so much and I love meeting my supporters. They’re so sweet. 

What is your most treasured tool? 

My treasured tool is my personality, my ability to make anyone feel comfortable around me, have them laughing all day, and also being a very creative and exceptional artist. 

What holds you accountable? 

The daily reminder of wanting to inspire others as a SFX artist worldwide some day! I’d love to encourage so many other people doing makeup and getting into the art! Also, being an exceptional actor and just being a great leader and inspiration for other POC. 

Thank you, Dashawn, for speaking with us! 

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