Entitled Influencers Make All Influencers Look Bad

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A UK influencer got more than they bargained for when they asked a restaurant if they could eat for free due to their profession.

The now-viral screenshot was posted by Lucky Ramen and Sushi, a restaurant in Manchester, that wrote: “Oh what a surprise! Another thrilling DM from a blue tick superstar asking for a free feast in exchange for an Insta Post.”

Along with the post was a screenshot that read: “Hey sorry I know it’s short notice but I’m in Manchester tomorrow and looking for somewhere for brunch with my partner, would you be open for a collab with me for a post on my story and page.”

Pointing out that exposure doesn’t “pay the bills,” the restaurant sniped: “We’re just thrilled you appreciate our food, but hey, we appreciate paying customers even more.”

Things then got worse once the influencer got wind of what the restaurant had posted about them.

“Personally, I think you’re bang out of order. HOW DARE you try and expose us like that?” they wrote. “So you think people like us don’t deserve to eat for FREE? Just in case you didn’t realize, we are doing our best to help and promote you for FREEEE!!”

“We don’t expect much, just a free meal to compensate the time, labor, effort, and positive energy that we are supplying you,” they added.

The influencer concluded: “Your arrogance makes me sick. Haha very funny, you got a couple giggles but we’re the ones that are laughing. We go where we want, eat what we want and lastly — it’s all for free! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW???”

While the original request was a little entitled, the influencer’s response to being called out is arguably a lot worse.

It’s creators like this that give the creator economy a bad name, so whether this situation is real or an elaborate marketing tactic by the restaurant, remember that it always costs nothing to be kind. And while free stuff might be a fun perk of being a creator, it shouldn’t be expected.

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