Facebook Updates Creator Bonus Program

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On Feb. 29, Facebook announced several changes to its Creator Bonus Program.

In the past, Performance Bonus payouts could only be up to a fixed amount. But now, putting it in line with other Facebook monetization programs, creators can earn unlimited rewards. This change is set to be implemented by mid-March.

A second major change is expanding how many countries have access to Performance bonuses. This includes countries in Asia for the first time.

The new countries where Performance bonuses are now available include Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Thirdly, the platform is expanding monetization opportunities for “In-Stream Ad” creators. Facebook is inviting these creators to both “Ads on Reels” and its Performance bonus scheme.

Thanks to these updates, Facebook’s content monetization programs now span multiple mediums. In a blog post, Facebook said: “On Facebook, you’re not restricted to entertaining your audience in one way. You can creatively express yourself with photos, text, long-form video, Live or Reels.”

“Likewise, our content monetization programs – Ads on Reels, In-Stream Ads and the Performance bonus – now span each of these formats, supporting you however you publicly engage with your audiences.”

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