Gallery: Taylor Lorenz’s Extremely Online Creator Book Party

Group of party attendees holding Extremely Online
Photos by Mark Hunter

Honestly, one of the biggest perks of writing a book is getting to throw a big party with all your friends. And when you’re an extremely online person, you have lots of extremely online friends. That’s why last weekend, Passionfruit and Karat teamed up to host a creator-centric shindig in Hollywood for Taylor Lorenz’s debut, Extremely Online.

The room felt like a walking, talking FY page, though impressively not many people felt the urge to create new content amongst such internet royalty. Instead, OG internet legends like Taryn Southern and Ali Spagnola could be found rubbing elbows with Chelly, the guy who just started going viral a few weeks ago for his impressions of Vivek Ramaswamy, or Brad Podrey, who you might know better as the Scumbag Dad. It was a hang, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the grand tradition of hip internet parties you only found out about after the fact, we had Mark Hunter AKA The Cobrasnake on hand to capture the magic. Tacos were served up by The Lime Truck, hell even our bartender had more followers than most people. Drinks were provided by the good folks here at Passionfruit (including a passion fruit punch that I promise to make less boozy at the next one, extra appreciation to Passionfruit’s own Drew Grant and Eric Rodriguez for showing up early and staying late).

Special thanks to Karat who hosted us, and of course Taylor Lorenz for letting us shower her with praise for a book that you should totally go buy from an independent bookstore. It’s the most complete history of how ::gestures wildly:: all this came to be.

We’ll be doing more of these creator-only gatherings in the future, and we’d love to have you there if your thing is making things on the internet. If you want to find out about the next one, go follow us on the socials and shoot us a DM to slide your way into our good graces (and potentially, our guestlist).

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