‘The Quality Of A Sh**post Should Not Be This Good’: Who is Glorb?

glorb glorb - the bottom spongebob drill rap tracks
Glorb/YouTube Widy amelia/Shutterstock Remix by Caterina Cox

Glorb might sound like the name of a “Rick and Morty” character, but the name is actually for one of the most exciting creators on YouTube and TikTok right now. The creator, who exploded in popularity over the past few months, is best known for their AI-driven Spongebob drill rap tracks. But who is Glorb, really? And why are people talking about “Glorb – The Bottom?” Let’s dive in.

Who is Glorb? What is “Glorb – The Bottom”?

Glorb is currently anonymous, with their signature Spongebob rap videos only dating back to June of 2023. It’s unknown how exactly the creator (or, potentially, creators) makes their videos, although it’s speculated they run a human voice rapping the lyrics through an AI-voice generator, like Replica or FakeYou. It’s possible the creator also uses a generative AI software, like Runway, to come up with the video footage.

Their top tracks, which include “Glorb – The Bottom” and “Glorb – The Bottom 2,” are amazing viewers for two reasons: firstly, because of their high production value. And secondly, because the songs low-key slap…?

Why Did Glorb Go Viral?

In theory, Glorb, who has made several viral Spongebob drill rap tracks, was always going to go viral. This is because the creator possesses two things the internet loves more than anything: AI and Spongebob memes.

AI-generated content is definitely getting its moment in the sun right now in the world of memes. And for all the concerns about AI plagiarism and the notion of being replaced by robots, it’s nice to see a creator take AI and make something original with it — it’s something that happens a lot less often than it should.

The Allure of Spongebob Rap Tracks

And then, there’s Spongebob. The internet might have changed dramatically since the ’90s cartoon began, but one thing that has always remained steadfast is the steady stream of the little square guy in memes, parodies, and reaction images.

It’s literally impossible not to love Spongebob, and even more difficult to go on the internet without finding a Spongebob meme of some form. … And in Glorb’s case, turning Spongebob into a drill rap legend is certainly eye-catching.

After making waves on YouTube and TikTok, Glorb is also finally going viral on X, proving that the dying platform still (kind of) has a level of visibility thats helpful to creators. At the time of writing, one of Glorb’s videos has amassed 10 million views on the platform, with X user @Teridax noting, “The quality for a shitpost should not be this good, you can tell this was made with actual passion.”

In fact, the tracks are so damn good that some users are speculating that the unknown creator behind the videos may actually work in the music business.

“This has to be someone who’s already in the music industry, like a ghostwriter or something,” @Teridax added. “It’s just too high quality to be some random guy.”

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