Here’s Why Influencers Are Giving Up on Influencing

TikTok star taking a pay cut for a 9-to-5 job
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Influencer Ana Wolfermann is set to leave a life of social media behind in favor of a more run-of-the-mill corporate job, as she reveals in an interview with Fortune that a job as an influencer might not be all that it seems. 

“Part of the reason why so many people idolize social media, and want to make it their full-time job, is because it pays very well and it comes with a lot of incredible opportunities,” Wolfermann explained. “That’s why there’s so much power in it, and there’s a lot of money in businesses and in marketing and definitely [more than] any other job that I would have gotten as a new grad.”

Influencers are often thought of as vapid and self-obsessed. Which is why creators make it their mission to prove to everyone that they’re actually not like that. But according to Ana, all these critics may have a point after all.  

“I felt myself becoming more superficial…there was nothing to my content outside of my life,” she said. “I want to call attention to that, because I think so many young girls idolize the idea of sharing their life on the internet. You’ll ultimately become self-obsessed because you—what you’re doing, who you’re hanging out with, what you look like—become your priority. It’s a little dystopian.”

So, where does that leave creators? There’s certainly always a chance of becoming the stereotypical influencer. But the key to escaping that fate is self-awareness. Something Wolfermann understands well.

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