How To Sign Up For And Use The LTK Rewards Program, A Guide For Creators

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Alisa_Elly/Shutterstock Pormezz/Shutterstock What is LTK?

LTK is a shopping discovery app that allows content creators to monetize their posts. 

Once a creator uploads a photo, video, or collage, they can link the exact items shown so that users can shop what they see. 

Rather than just posting individual shoppable links on Instagram, Pinterest, or other platforms, LTK allows creators to create a landing page of all the items they want to share with their audience in one place. 

Some creators will even create categories on the app so users can scroll similar linked items in one place.

For example, a creator can create a category containing the beauty items they’ve featured in the past. So, if users check out their LTK page, they can easily shop for the creator’s recommended beauty items from their previous posts. 

Who Can Become An LTK Influencer?

LTK isn’t open to all content creators. You do have to apply and be accepted before using the app. 

First, LTK will look to ensure a creator has a consistent and original content history. They also look for creators with a public social media profile and engaged following who post high-quality stoppable content regularly. Specifically, they’re looking for high performing creators who share content daily. 

The application is simple. It asks creators to share their primary posting channel (whether a social media platform or blog) and their secondary posting channel. 

The application also asks if you’ve earned money for the content you’ve posted or linked to.  They’ll also want to know how often you’ve previously paid for that type of content. Finally, creators are asked how regularly they post to their primary social media account.

Once an application is submitted, LTK will review the information sent and alert the creator via email if their application is accepted.

How Does LTK Work?

Once accepted into the program, you can download the LTK app and start with the platform.

Every LTK creator gets a personalized shop they can curate with products they want to suggest to their audience. According to LTK’s website, these shopping pages are visible to over 300,000 monthly shoppers who use the LTK app.

When creators link items in photos or videos, they have access to over 5,000 brands using the LTK app. How much affiliate revenue you’re eligible for depends on the products you link to.

The app also allows creators to quickly create stoppable links to post on social media or their website. Creators can also create categories for their products and collections to make shopping on their page easier for users.

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How Much Can You Make Using LTK?

There are two ways that an LTK creator can earn money. First, through commission earned from affiliate links and products purchased using those links. You get money when your users shop for items you have linked on LTK.

Commission rates vary quite widely and can range from 5% to 20% of the purchase price. These rates are shared with creators when they select products to share. You will always know how much commission you’ll earn on a product. 

If you’re trying to maximize your earnings, you can scroll through the app to find high commission products and items to share with your audience. 

Second, creators can access brand collaborations using the LTK app. These partnerships pay creators an aged rate for creating content on social media or on their blogs. According to LTK’s website, there are over 5,000 brands on the app to work with. 

Which Creators Use LTK?

LTK has proven to be profitable for many popular creators. Here are some of our favorites you can check out for inspiration on your LTK store.

Kathleen Post

Kathleen Post has found success all over social media with her warm mix of wellness inspiration and fashion glamor. You might know her best from TikTok, but her LTK store is just as big. With 228.1K followers on LTK alone, she’s one of the gold standards for running a store.

Mixing personal photos and brand images, Post creates a storefront that feels like just another social media page. For fans looking for Post’s favorites can search though handy collections. There are TikTok Links, Lulus, and even a collection of things she saw in Italy. If you want to be more like Post, her store shows you where to start.

how does ltk work - kathleen post's ltk store
Kathleen Post/LTK


In the social media home design world, creator thehillarystyle has carved out a charming corner for herself. There’s a little bit of everything to keep you returning every day. Recipes live next to reviews of solar-powered string lights and tips for styling tiny apartments. The variety draws you in. And then she tells you where you can go shopping.

With 297K followers on LTK alone, thehillarystyle is an LTK success story. If you want to learn how to sell home design products on your page, you can learn from one of the best.

how does ltk work - thehillarystyle ltk store front

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