How A Six-Figure Beauty Influencer Spends Her Week At Work

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If you wonder how to become a beauty influencer, you should study people who’ve already succeeded. Meet Emily Kammeyer. Kammeyer had one goal when she became a full-time content creator almost four years ago. She wanted to help women translate their style and understand how to select pieces that fit them properly. 

She told Passionfruit that the biggest way she grew her following to over 100,000 on Instagram was to stay true to the topics her audience cared about. 

What Does A Beauty Influencer Do During The Week?

She creates content about fashion, skincare, and wellness. To stay consistent, she spends 15-25 hours a week shooting content with her photographer, editing videos, scheduling content, and researching future content.

Over the years, she’s been able to monetize her content. Today she earns over 6-figures a year in two main ways. Her biggest source of income comes from brand partnerships, from brands like Kiss Nails,  Tonal or Sol De Janeiro. But she also hosts in-person events for brands like Lululemon, Burberry, and Veronica Beard.

How Does Kammeyer Connect With Brands?

Since Kammeyer has built a strong following, she gets approached by 5-10 brands a week who want to partner with her.

“If I already use a brand and their budget fits my rate, it’s usually an easy yes,” Kammeyer said.

However, for skincare opportunities, she does have a rule where she asks brands to send her the product at least a month before filming.

“That way I can make sure the products work for me and that they are something I want to talk about or feel are worthwhile to share with my community,” she said. 

By now, Kammeyer’s approach to working with brands is seamless. She has set rates but will negotiate with a brand if they’d like to do multiple pieces of content. If there’s an outlier opportunity and she’s not sure what to charge a brand, she consults with friends and other influencers. 

Once the brand deal is confirmed, she follows a five-step flow. First, she’ll work with the brand to align on what the focus of the content will be and then meet with them to discuss the deliverables. After that, she’ll create a plan for filming and schedule the shoot. Finally, she’ll shoot the project, edits the content, and send the deliverables back to the brand for approval before posting. 

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A Week In The Life Of A Beauty Influencer

Kammeyer shared with us what a week in her life looks like. Here’s how she spends her time as a fashion and beauty content creator. 



Get my nails done for upcoming beauty content (important for anything hands are visible in).  Head to a coffee shop after work on my laptop for about 2 hours and answer emails, respond to pitch requests, get organized for a week.


Head home and film a campaign for Alastin Skincare.  Total time was about 4 hours. 1.5 hours prep (shower, hair, makeup), 1 hour pull together all products, set up area to shoot, put together run of show.  1.5 hours of actual filming.

Once filming is wrapped I sit down and start editing through footage and edit together reel and stories for submission.  This is about another 2.5 hours.  


I have a shoot the next morning with my photographer, so pull together outfits for an M.M. Lafleur  campaign.  Prep where we will be shooting and put together a run of show for my photographer.  This all takes about 2 hours.

Go out to dinner with my husband in our neighborhood at Gage and Tollner.  Afterwards, I head home to do some more work. I post to IG and TikTok (takes about 1.5 hours of posting and interacting).  Then hop on email to respond to anything pressing.  Head to bed at about midnight.



Up at 6am to get ready for a 7:30am shoot in Soho.  We shoot a fashion campaign for M.M.Lafleaur from 7:30-9:30 am in soho.  

I then head to the DMV to renew my license (Oh so fun).  I arrive home at 11am and hop on my computer to respond to emails, pitches and some consulting work (I work with 3 fashion brands helping them with fit and design). That takes about an hour.  Next, 30 min submitting content to Alastin and letting them know it’s ready from yesterday’s shoot.


I have a 30-minute call with Aday to go over the content plan for an upcoming fashion project we are in contract for.  Following that, I have a 30 min call with BOND, a new social platform for shopping via influencers in the fashion and beauty space. Last call is for about an hour with a possible business manager (I’m starting to max out on what I can do on my own and am considering taking on management).

Mid afternoon I post on IG and TikTok, which takes about 1.5 hours.

Late afternoon I work on GRWM content by myself in my apartment with my trusty tripod. I film 5 pieces of content and it takes 2 hours.


That evening I have a brand dinner with Nue Co celebrating a launch with Sephora. Get home post dinner and do a quick workout on my Tonal at home.



Wake up at 7 am prep for day and do personal stuff then go for a 30 min run from 7-8:30. Head to breakfast with the L’occitane team to chat partnerships for the next few months. Get home at 11am to answer emails for 1.5 hours.


Prep and shoot a collaboration with White + Warren & Sulwhasoo as well as some fashion content (total time 5 hours). 1.5 hours prep makeup, hair, shower.

30 min setup- steam clothes, set up area in bedroom to shoot.

3 hours of filming.


I post on IG and TikTok, that takes about 1.5 hours.

Eat dinner with husband. Edit content from the day for another 2.5 hours.



Go to a Barry’s workout event for 1 hour. Get home, shower, get ready.

Answer emails for 1 hour followed by a call with a possible skincare brand for a collaboration.

Spend 1.5 hours unboxing a mountain of PR packages.


Prep for our trip to Fire Island for a week (doing a number of collaboration shoots and organic content while there).

I post on IG and TikTok, which takes about 1.5 hours.

Shoot for about 3 hours- mostly GRWM and skincare content


Go to the SheGlam event at Hotel Public for 1.5 hours. Meet girlfriends out for dinner in Soho after.



7am up for a workout on my tonal at home.

8am shower and get ready.

10am meeting with Sophie Ratner for our upcoming jewelry collaboration launch on September 15th.

12pm meet one of my besties for a yoga class at humming puppy.


1pm home and shower again.

I post on IG and TikTok, which takes about 1.5 hours.

Then a 1 hour call with consulting client whom I help with their Pacsun business.

Get ready/do makeup and hair.

Film GRWM for the evening for 1 hour + some bonus content.


Head to the Assouline book launch event in Meat Packin. Head home and chill out with the husband for the night.

End of Week

For aspiring influencers and content creators out there, Kammeyer says a good first step is to attend any influencer events you’re invited to. 

“It’s a great way to get your foot in the door with a brand,” she said.

Once you land a brand deal, she recommends that influencers do their best to make a project seamless and easy. Plus, if there’s a brand you’ve always wanted to work with, Kammeyer shared how to get their attention.

“Create an organic piece of content for them.  Brands love to know you authentically enjoy them and are talking about them,” she said.

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