How To Become A Twitch Affiliate And What’s In It For You

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With over 30 million daily users, Twitch has become one of the top destinations for live-streaming content creators. Like the other top social media platforms, it has programs to help dedicated creators make the most of their time on the site—and make some money. For Twitch, this begins with the Affiliate Program, so let’s talk about how to become a Twitch Affiliate.

What Is The Twitch Affiliate Program?

The Twitch Affiliate Program allows eligible streamers to monetize their content through various official methods, many of which also help creators grow their audience on the platform. Although it is often considered a stepping stone towards joining the Partner Program (something we’ll discuss later on), being an Affiliate in and of itself provides several opportunities for burgeoning channels.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming a Twitch Affiliate?

The main benefit of becoming an Affiliate is the ability to monetize using methods already built into the platform. This includes:

1. Subscriptions 

Viewers can subscribe to your channel at different tiers and price points in exchange for various perks, such as custom emotes, loyalty badges, subscriber-only chats, and/or ad-free viewing, depending on how you set up subscription options for your channel. Meanwhile, Affiliates earn 50% of the revenue from subscriptions—unless you qualify for the Plus Program, which has an even higher split in favor of streamers.

How to become a twitch affiliate - subscriptions for twitch affiliate

2. Ads 

Twitch allows Affiliates to run ads on their content through the Ads Incentive Program. The amount of money you can earn from ads varies. But if you stream at least three minutes of ads per hour, you receive 55% of the revenue.

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3. Bits 

Streamers receive $0.01 per Bit audience members use to Cheer them on during a live stream. Viewers can purchase bits through Twitch. Bits are often used as a way to catch the attention of creators while they are live streaming.

how to become a twitch affiliate - Bits and how to use them as a Twitch Affiliate

4) Enhanced Features For Affiliates

But monetization isn’t the only perk of joining the Affiliate Program. You’ll also have access to the following:

  • 14 days of VOD Storage
  • The ability to rebroadcast previous content to your audience
  • Subscriber streams
  • Polls
  • Channel points to reward loyal audience members with perks usually intended for subscribers
  • The ability to create stories for followers and/or subscribers
  • Access to instant remote uploads

How Do I Become a Twitch Affiliate?

Streamers are invited to apply for the Affiliate Program after meeting the following requirements:

  • have 50 followers
  • stream for a minimum of 8 hours within the past 30 days
  • stream on at least 7 of the past 30 days
  • average at last 3 viewers per stream over the past 30 days

You can check in on your Achievements Analytics page to see how close you are to completing each requirement.

Within 24-48 hours of meeting the eligibility threshold, Twitch will notify you via email and in the “Creator Dashboard,” inviting you to apply for the program. From there, you’ll have to fill out the onboarding paperwork, which includes providing personal and banking information and tax forms. This information is required to get paid when the time comes.

How Many Viewers Do You Need To Be A Twitch Affiliate?

Although you initially need an average of three viewers per stream over 30 consecutive days and a minimum of 50 followers to become eligible for Twitch’s Affiliate Program, there are no additional view count requirements for maintaining Affiliate status.

Can You Lose Affiliate Status On Twitch?

Losing your Affiliate status on Twitch is possible, but simply falling below the eligibility threshold won’t trigger a demotion. When you sign the onboarding agreement, Twitch notes that either party can cancel the agreement with 30 days’ notice—meaning they can revoke your Affiliate status anytime. 

Generally, this will only be an issue if you violate their rules. So make sure you read over the terms when you sign them. Keep tabs on the Community Guidelines for up-to-date information about what content and behaviors are allowed on Twitch vs. which are not.

There have also been times when Twitch has had provisions in their monetized streamer agreement that specifically allow for them to terminate the Affiliate status of streamers who are inactive for a certain period or don’t stream consistently. The most recent language related to this was changed following the June 6, 2023, update to the agreement after concern regarding intent and clarity.

Twitch Affiliate Requirements - twitch logo

What’s the difference between Twitch Affiliate and Partner?

Twitch Partners are usually streamers that have taken their game to the next level. That means they usually have more followers and viewers and stream content more frequently than Affiliates. All of the features available to Affiliates are also available to Partners, along with some additional perks, such as custom Cheermotes, access to more transcoding options, 60 days of VOD storage, stream delays of up to 15 minutes, priority support, a verified channel badge, and additional promotional opportunities.

As with the Affiliate program, streamers can check their progress toward becoming a Partner via the “Creator Dashboard.” However, becoming eligible to apply for Partner doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the program.

Can Affiliates Join Twitch’s Plus Program?

Twitch recently announced big changes to what was formerly known as the “Partner Plus Program,” including that Affiliates will be able to qualify beginning May 1.

It used to be that streamers had to have Partner status and earn and maintain 350 Plus Points for three consecutive months to be invited to the Plus Program and receive a better split of subscription revenue from Twitch. 

Now, there will be two levels, both of which will be open to Affiliates. One will qualify streamers who maintain 100 Plus Points over three consecutive months to split revenue 60/40, and the other will qualify streamers who maintain 300 Plus Points over the same time frame for a 70/30 revenue split.

Points are earned for each subscription to your channel (new or existing) processed each month: 1 point for Tier 1 subscriptions, 2 points for Tier 2 subscriptions, and 6 points for Tier 3 subscriptions.

Want to know more? Learn all about how to set up Twitch payouts for Affiliates and Partners here.

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