I Tried To Double My TikTok Followers in 30 Days Following Advice From Three Successful Influencers

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When you first join TikTok, it’s understandable to wonder how to get more TikTok followers. I did. When I created my TikTok account in early 2020, I quickly became obsessed with the platform. Not only was the user experience easy, but growing as a content creator happened fast. I posted new videos daily and used trending audio. 

This helped my follower count. I grew from 0 followers to 47,000 in just a few years. But for the last 6-months, I haven’t gained many new followers. In an effort to increase my audience and stay relevant on the platform, I sought help.

I contacted three top influencers with over 100,000 followers on TikTok and asked them to study my account. Then I used their feedback to try to double my TikTok follower count in under 30 days. 

Did it work? Here are the tips I was given for how to get more TikTok followers. Here’s what happened to my follower count when I listened to their advice. 

How to Get More TikTok Followers in Under 30 Days

1) Talk to your viewers as if they are your friends 

For a long time, my only TikTok strategy was posting as much content as I could every day. As a TikTok creator, I cared less about quality and more about quantity. 

One of the first things Justin Choquette, a TikTok travel creator, suggested was improving the quality of my videos.


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♬ original sound – Justin ⛰️✈️ @justin.choquette

He said that posting high-quality content provides value to the viewer that could make someone want to hit the follow button.

“Think of your videos as a TV show,” he told Passionfruit. Choquette does this by taking his audience on adventures with him. He talks straight into the camera as if the viewer is his lifelong friend.

“Tell an engaging story and use hook points to capture the viewer’s attention,” he advised. Doing this has helped him rack up millions of views and new followers on his own page.

I tested out his approach in a format that’s very different from my other content. Rather than simply showing that I was interviewed for a TV segment, I made a video bringing the audience to the shoot with me.

While this style of video required more editing, I found it exciting to make. It didn’t immediately bring followers, but I think it’s strong content for my TikTok channel. It helps people who are browsing my page get an understanding of who I am. 

2) Give people a reason to follow you

As a TikTok creator, getting new followers can help you land more lucrative brand deals. But when I’m creating content, I rarely keep my followers in mind.

Andy Jiang, a TikTok creator with over 3 million followers, instantly noticed this was one of my biggest flaws as a TikTok creator. Jiang told Passionfruit that in order to maximize your online growth, you need to offer something of substance to your viewers.

Jiang’s content tells stories that often have powerful messages at the end. Each of his videos ends with viewers learning something new and feeling some emotion. 

He advised me to create more content that is highly valued or entertaining. That way, people won’t just scroll by my videos. 

Jiang reminded me that when creating content, I should always ask myself why people would want to follow me after seeing this video. 

I followed this advice and ended up with one of my most popular videos in the past 30 days. The premise was simple. I provided a script that people could copy and paste when they aren’t excited about being a bridesmaid.

The script was a hit. That video reached over 1 million views and helped me gain around 1,000 new followers in just a week.

Following Jiang’s advice has helped me be strategic about my content and the value it provides potential followers. It also helped me land lots of new followers. 

3) Post multiple videos a day 

I’m a content creator who posts daily on multiple platforms. Often I find that keeping up with everything is a lot for me to juggle as a solo content creator. So when Seema

Rao, an art and culture influencer, suggested I try to post 5-8 times a day, I wanted to roll my eyes.


Replying to @shelby.sager the Artist is Talulah Rose Haddon doing her MFA at Bard #arthistory101 #arthistorytiktok #arthistorytok

♬ original sound – Seema R

“There are millions of content creators, so the odds that someone even finds your content is very low,” said Rao. 

That’s why she recommended posting 5-8 times daily on TikTok. Especially if you want to grow your follower count. According to Rao, she gained 10,000 followers within five days just by posting eight times daily for the first few days. 

I gave this a try for just one day. I posted six videos in less than 12 hours. My aim was to provide value inside of each video. I also utilized trending audio for each clip to improve my reach. Not only did I have one video hit a million views that day, but I gained more followers than I had in months. It helped me end the month at 52,000 followers.

While the test was a success, it didn’t find it feasible to continue posting that many videos a day. As a solo creator, I decided to use this approach to grow views and followers once weekly. 

Final Results:

After spending 30 days following the advice of other successful TikTok creators, I felt more organized with how I planned my content for the month. It also felt like, for the first time in a long time, I was more considerate of my audience. Rather than just posting, I thought about providing them value with every video I made. 

I didn’t double my followers in 30 days, or even come close. However, I got more views and followers using these tips than I had in months. That was enough to make me feel empowered as a content creator on TikTok once again. 

If you ever find yourself stuck as a creator, try something new. Never be afraid to reach out to creators you respect for advice. The worst they can do is ignore you. But you might just unlock the secret to the success you’ve been searching for.

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