How to Get Verified on TikTok in 2023

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Building a brand and a following on TikTok is a competitive game, but getting your account verified can give you a leg up and help you take your social media to a new level. If you’re hoping to get a blue badge of your own, we’ve laid out some tips and tricks as well as a step-by-step guide on how to get verified on TikTok. Let’s dive in!

What is TikTok verification and why does it matter?

When you see a little blue badge with a white check mark next to a TikToker’s username, you’re looking at a verified account.

TikTok offers verification badges as a way to reassure users that the platform has confirmed the person or brand is who they claim to be, and that they are notable in their field in some manner. There’s debate over whether the actual TikTok algorithm gives an extra boost to verified users, but whether it does or not, there are other benefits to having your account verified.

1. Authenticity

If you have a ton of followers or are otherwise an established name, you may have dealt with fake accounts popping up trying to impersonate you. Having a verified badge tells everyone right off the bat that you’re the real deal, and anyone else is merely pretending to be you.

2. Credibility

If your TikTok brand includes positioning yourself as an expert (eg reviewing products or sharing specialized information), a verified badge from TikTok encourages viewers to trust you, as it suggests that you’re established in your field.

3. Opportunities

For the reasons mentioned above, brands love collaborating with verified TikTokers. If you get that blue badge, you should be able to leverage it into brand deals, collabs with other verified TikTokers, and other opportunities that will help expand your reach (and your pockets) even further.

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Who is eligible to get verified on TikTok?

TikTok has some basic requirements for verification that include making sure your account is public, active within the last six months, and has a complete profile. You also have to have posted at least one video, have no other verified accounts presenting the same identity, and, of course, you have to actually be the person you are claiming to be or represent the brand you are claiming to represent.

What ultimately separates the accounts that qualify for verification from the ones that don’t is notability. TikTok requires you to send in links showing that you or your company have been featured in multiple news sources. The more credible and well-known the news source, the better—and they don’t accept articles that are press releases or paid promotions. 

Can you buy a verified TikTok account?

Unlike Meta and X/Twitter, there is currently no system in place to sell TikTok verification or badges. The platform only verifies accounts that actually qualify, rather than those that pay a subscription fee. This maintains the integrity of TikTok’s verification system, although it’s unknown whether they might follow in the footsteps of the other platforms in the future.

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How many followers do you need to get a blue tick on TikTok?

There’s no magic number of followers that can get you verified. TikTok reportedly looks for people or brands that are notable on or off TikTok, undergoing rapid growth on their platform, or have some other reason why it’s important viewers understand your account is the real deal.

This can be a double-edged sword, as it means more people or brands that fit a lot of the criteria have a shot at getting verified, but it can also make it difficult to know when to apply, as there isn’t a definitive threshold to reach first.

Is it hard to get TikTok verified?

It used to be that TikTok would hand out verification to whomever it decided should have a badge—in other words, there was no application system. This system proved frustrating for some users who felt they would benefit from verification but had no way of submitting a request to make it happen; they just had to hope they somehow wound up on TikTok’s radar.

By comparison, you could argue that it’s easier to get verified now, because at least you have the chance to ask. And the process of requesting verification is simple. 

On the other hand, there’s still no guarantee that your account will qualify, and some of the criteria are fairly subjective. So it really boils down to whether you are actually running an account that should be verified, based on the points TikTok checks off. If so, it’s probably easier now than it used to be.

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How can I get my TikTok verified?

For most users, the verification process takes place in the app.

Step #1: Go to the verification application.

After logging into the account you would like verified, navigate to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. This will bring up a menu at the bottom; select “Settings and privacy.” 

Next, tap “Account,” then “Verification.” The following screen will give you a brief overview of which accounts might qualify for verification. If that describes you, tap “Start.”

Step #2: Meet TikTok’s basic requirements.

The next screen lists the very basic requirements for applying for verification:

  • Have a username, bio, and profile photo
  • Verified your phone number and email
  • Turned off private account

You won’t be able to get any further in the process until the app gives you a green checkmark next to each of them. If there are any you haven’t completed, you can back out of the verification process to do so and come back.

Once you have a green checkmark next to each, you’ll be able to tap “Next.”

Step #3: Select your verification type.

If you currently have a Personal TikTok account, you’ll be given the option to choose between applying for verification as an individual or an institution, which TikTok clarifies means non-profit organizations and universities.

If you have a Business TikTok account, it will automatically take you to the business verification application.

If you need to switch between a Personal or Business account, you can do so by navigating back to the “Account” screen in the app. There’s an option to “Switch to” the other type of account right underneath “Verification.”

Step #4: Fill out your information.

Regardless of which option you chose in Step #3, TikTok will then have you fill out a form asking for basic information about yourself, your business, or your institution. They will also request that you upload documents that prove you or your group are who you claim to be. For individuals, this can be a driver’s license, passport, or ID card.

Once you’ve filled out all of the required fields, you’ll be able to tap “Next.”

Step #5: Prove notability.

Depending on which verification type you choose, there may be a few additional questions on this page. After that, you’ll be asked to include four links that prove you or your company are notable in some fashion. This can include official websites or relevant news articles about you or work you’ve done. 

Tap “Submit,” and you’re done!

For users under the age of 18, or anyone else who is not able to access the verification process via the app, you can request to be verified by contacting

What happens after you request TikTok verification?

TikTok will email you and notify you in the app once a decision has been made on your verification request, although the process can take up to 30 days.

If you end up getting approved, congratulations! That little blue checkmark is all yours now. Make sure you don’t change your username or swap between business, personal, or institution account types moving forward. If you do this after you’ve been verified, your account will lose its status and you’ll have to reapply.

If your request is not approved, TikTok will let you know why. Once you believe you’ve rectified the issue, you can reapply as long as it’s been at least 30 days since your previous request.

Tips for getting TikTok verified

Whether you’re struggling to obtain TikTok verification or just want to increase your chances of success before submitting that first request, there are a few things to consider that might help.

1. Keep your profile up-to-date.

Having your TikTok profile filled out with a bio and picture is a basic requirement for TikTok verification, but it doesn’t hurt to go above and beyond. When crafting your profile, make sure it’s current, catchy, and helps you stand out from the crowd. Check out the profiles of other verified users in your niche if you need inspiration.

2. Increase your visibility.

One of the most obvious ways to prove to TikTok that you’re a notable figure is to make sure you’re a notable person on TikTok. Keep doing what you can to expand your audience and increase engagement on the platform, so TikTok wants to verify your account. There are plenty of strategies to deploy for this, but creating quality content, posting regularly, and interacting with your audience are all great places to start. And it won’t hurt if you manage to go viral in the process.

3. Leverage other platforms.

Having a lot of followers or verification on another platform isn’t a guarantee that TikTok will give you that blue badge, but it can signal your legitimacy and might help move things along. You may also be able to utilize an already successful presence on other social media platforms to create content that gets you media coverage, which you can then submit as one of your links during the verification process.

4. Get your name in the news.

Going viral on TikTok or another platform is a great organic way to get the coverage required to prove your notability, but if that fails, you can always take a more aggressive approach. Organize an event, offer to do interviews, or otherwise get creative with how you get your name out there. It doesn’t hurt to try to time your verification request with new media coverage, either. Just remember to avoid paid promotion, and that press releases don’t count.  

5. Follow the rules.

Pay close attention to TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. You don’t want to apply for verification only to have TikTok check your account and discover you are regularly having videos removed for content violation.

The key all around is proving to TikTok that you are a user they should want to have active on their platform, that your presence adds value to the app and the overall TikTok brand. Approaching things with that in mind should help you determine how to keep building a TikTok account that one day has the coveted blue check mark right there at the end of your name.

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