Instagram Reels Are Beating TikTok

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Instagram Reels have soared in popularity for the past year, according to new data. The March survey, cited by Business Insider, is based on 2,000 US consumers over 16, and was coordinated by investment banking company Morgan Stanley.

According to this data, 37% of Instagram users now use Reels daily, while 78% engage with it monthly. This study also found that the increased engagement on Reels is leading to decreased engagement on TikTok.

In September, a previous survey from Morgan Stanley (via Business Insider) found that 20% of Reels users weren’t opening up TikTok at all. By March, this same percentage increased to 26%.

Reels rise globally

The rise of Instagram Reels isn’t just happening in the US, it’s occurring globally, too.

In April, research company Omdia asked 2,400 people each in countries like the US, UK, Japan, Spain, and Brazil to rank the video services they use the most: including streaming services like Netflix.

In the US and Brazil, Instagram Reels was ranked as the most widely-used video service in the country. While in Spain, Reels was ranked above Netflix.  

In a press release, Omdia’s senior research director of media and entertainment, Maria Rua Aguete, said: “Instagram’s rise in popularity is a testament to the evolving nature of viewer engagement and the increasing demand for short-form, visually appealing content. We are witnessing a transformative period in how people consume video content.”

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