Making the Case for ‘Intellectual Influencers’

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When it comes to influencers, you usually think of parties, brand deals, and shopping hauls. According to some, the pursuit of influencing can feel vapid and superficial. But not anymore.

In a new article for Business Insider, journalist and content creator Nya Étienne is quoted as saying we’re seeing the rise of a new type of influencer: the intellectual influencer.

What’s an ‘intellectual influencer?’

According to Étienne, “people are facing burnout on social media. They want to see content with more substance, and they want to see influencers and creators as three-dimensional people, not just as people trying to sell them things.”

This in turn has people seeking not just entertainment, but “edutainment.”  In the article, creator Katya Varbanovar makes a distinction between “influencers” and “thought leaders.”

According to Varbanova, “an influencer is somebody that influences you because of their personality and personal taste and personal preferences, whereas a thought leader influences you because of their expertise.”

Creators with knowledge

In addition, digital culture reporter Lindsey Dodgson emphasizes the importance of creators coming from knowledgeable backgrounds, “people want to hear from creators with knowledge, such as a psychologist with 20+ years of experience who can post deep dives into a topic as a side hustle to their day job,” she writes. 

“They don’t want an inexperienced teenager’s view on nutrition, they want a registered dietician to bust food myths and tell them what they should be eating.”

You can read the full article here.

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