Spotlight on LGBTQ+ Content Creators: Inspiring Voices and Stories

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Pride Month may be coming to a close, but keeping up with LGBTQ+ content creators is something that never goes out of style. From educators to entertainers, fashionistas to relationship vloggers, the type of content LGBTQ+ influencers put out into the world is as varied as their personal stories and identities. This week, we’re highlighting some creators and social media icons who deserve your attention every month of the year.

Elle Deran (@elle.deran)

With all of the fearmongering and misinformation going on these days about transgender people, it’s more important than ever to listen to members of the community directly—and Elle Deran’s TikTok videos cover a lot of ground. When they’re not actively educating viewers on trans experiences or issues happening in the world, they’re often simply sharing pieces of the life they’ve built with their partner. Her positive energy and optimism always radiate through her content, keeping things engaging for those who want to learn and be entertained at the same time.

Kairyn Potts (@ohkairyn)

Kairyn Potts is an educator and entertainer from the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation who has been using his platform to advocate for Indigenous youth and greater two-spirit inclusivity in media. Sometimes this means drawing attention to mental health or staying safe on the internet, while other times he keeps things lighthearted with Indigenous spins on popular franchises, such as with his recent “Real Housewives of the Rez” series. Last year, Potts also became the co-host of Snapchat Canada’s first original series, Reclaim(ed), which held discussions with First Nations youth across the country to highlight the Gen Z perspective.


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Penny Vahka (@thepennyvahka)

The art of drag is often learned in a communal setting, from the queens and kings who have come before and made space for experimentation and play in their communities. But for those who don’t have that option, there are TikTokers like Penny Vahka. Calling herself “TikTok’s Unofficial Drag Mom,” Penny loves to share her tips for creating drag lewks both from scratch and through repurposing thrift store finds. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge outside of RuPaul’s Drag Race, or possibly even dip your toes into drag yourself, this is a great place to start!

Jazzmyne Jay (@jazzmynejay)

Influencer and model Jazzmyne Jay has been carving out a path of her own, due in no small part to her empowering and upbeat posts across social media. While she’s become known for her body positive content, her openness about mental health struggles and disinterest in toxic positivity has left viewers praising her realness. So if you’re looking to fill your feeds with fun and fresh fashions, blunt advice, and good old slice of life content, go give Jazzmyne a follow.

Christopher Rhodes (@seethestarsablaze)

Christopher Rhodes is one of a growing number of trans content creators who have documented their journey with transitioning to help people looking to understand the process better. Now, the Austin-based influencer continues to make his online presence known by sharing snippets of his life, branching out into travel, fitness, and fashion. Rhodes also co-owns an LGBTQ+ apparel company with his twin sister called FLAVNT Streetwear, with a focus on binders for all skin tones.

Jessica & Claudia (@jessieandclaud)

Jessica and Claudia are one of those influencer couples who have been together long enough for their followers to watch them get married, move into a new house, and even have a kid together. While Jessica has long had a YouTube channel of her own where she shares “fun, uplifting and educational content” about both life as a married lesbian mom and living with disabilities, the two have also gained a following on their joint Instagram, curating greeting card-worthy photos of a happy family life.

Jae Gurley (@jaegurley)

Anyone looking to get their NYC fix will appreciate Jae Gurley’s popular videos, which largely revolve around makeup, fashion, and day-in-the-life-type TikToks of the unabashedly bougie variety. The nonbinary content creator also frequently posts videos after attending events ranging from the Tony Awards to seeing Beyoncé—in France. If their 1.8 million followers aren’t enough to convince you of their rising star, that they were just named one of TikTok’s LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices in this year’s inaugural list.


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AJ Clementine (@ajclementine)

Australian model AJ Clementine has long been open on social media about her experiences transitioning, and the challenges that she’s faced in her personal and professional life along the way. Still, her online presence reflects a sort of fairytale princess aesthetic that highlights how determined she is never to let the haters get her down. Her TikTok, where she has just over two million followers, has seen her continue to share tidbits about her experiences and regularly features her and her boyfriend shutting down ignorant, and sometimes straight-up bigoted, misconceptions about dating a trans woman.


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Saltina Shaker (@saltinashaker)

Who doesn’t love a good drag transformation? Saltina Shaker is constantly mesmerizing TikTok with theirs, making good use of the platform to showcase their sharp makeup skills and confident moves. With 2.1 million followers on the platform, he also frequently takes the opportunity to humorously point out how absurd the rightwing obsession with LGBTQ+ culture is, because laughing in the face of bigotry is important, too.


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