LinkedIn Launches the LinkedIn Podcast Network for Creators, Entrepreneurs

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LinkedIn is launching a business-oriented podcast network today which will feature high-profile creators and entrepreneurs. 

The Daily Dot spoke with a LinkedIn spokesperson over email to get the inside scoop on the new network. 

On the LinkedIn Podcast Network, podcasters will be able to network, share behind-the-scenes content, and create exclusive “experiences” for fans, according to a LinkedIn spokesperson. 

These experiences include network-exclusive newsletters, live audio, and video events. One example is technology podcaster Jessi Hempel’s exclusive “Office Hours” session where listeners will be able to join and ask questions. 

“The LinkedIn Podcast Network will launch with a collection of 12 podcasts that are shaping the conversations in the business world,” a LinkedIn spokesperson told the Daily Dot. 

Podcast networks often unite multiple shows under a common theme. Some examples include Spotify’s narrative podcast network Gimlet Media; Amazon Music’s business, crime, and entertainment network Wondery; and Bill Burr and Al Madrigal’s comedy network All Things Comedy

Podcast networks commonly provide creators with sponsorships, funding, production assistance, exposure, connections with industry contacts, and more to entice them to join. In exchange, creators will usually sign contracts guaranteeing the network a set production schedule, a revenue split, and shared creative control. 

LinkedIn already has podcasts operating through its LinkedIn News branch, including This is Working by LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth, In the Arena with LinkedIn Editor Leah Smart, and Hello Monday with LinkedIn Senior Editor-at-Large Jessi Hempel. These three podcasts will be brought into the new podcast network, a LinkedIn spokesperson told the Daily Dot.

Programming will also include podcasts by external podcasters brought in to produce under the LinkedIn name, and completely new podcasts produced by LinkedIn. 

One new podcast will feature Reid Hoffman, an entrepreneur with over 2.5 million followers on LinkedIn. Another new podcast will be titled Get Hired, based on an existing LinkedIn newsletter under the same name which has almost 800,000 subscribers. 

Creators with existing podcasts will be brought in to produce new content with the network, including public speaker Morra Aarons-Mele of The Anxious Achiever, entrepreneur Rufus Griscom of The Next Big Idea, technology journalist Alex Kantrowitz of Big Technology, and diversity and inclusion consultants Mita Mallick and Dee C. Marshall of Brown Table Talks

LinkedIn has made other recent pushes to attract content creators to the platform. This year, it announced a $25 million investment toward creator coaching, networking, and community building. It also launched its Creator Accelerator Program, through which a small group of influencers received funding to create content about entrepreneurship.

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