Linktree Centers Creators in Times Square Billboard

linktree billboard times square
Linktree/Wikimedia Commons Photo courtesy of Linktree Remix by Caterina Cox

It should go without saying that Linktree has had a pretty good start to the year, with new acquisitions and a growing user base of over 45 million. But Linktree wouldn’t be the powerhouse we see today without the help of creators, so it should come as no surprise that they are the center of the platform’s first billboard on New York’s Times Square.

The “All Together on Linktree” campaign centers on a handful of trailblazing creators, including Paige Gallagher, Challan Trishann, Connor Wood, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Kurtis Conner, and Abbie Herbert. The campaign kicked off on Jan. 8 and will feature new creators each week through March.

These creators aren’t household names yet, but they’re all emerging artists at the cutting edge of their respective online communities and, according to Linktree, the future of advertising.

“Creators are changing the way consumers shop, learn and are entertained — each creator is a small business themself,” Lara Cohen, VP of Partners and Business Development at Linktree, told Passionfruit in a statement. “So we really enjoyed flipping the script and featuring people usually tapped to highlight products themselves.”

Challan Tirshann, who is known for eccentric cosplays of classical Hollywood figures like Betty Boop, told Passionfruit that she “would have never imagined being on a billboard in Times Square.”

“When I found out, I think I cried, [like] that is so cool,” she added. “I felt so proud of myself for making it this far and continuing on my journey as a creator to even have been provided an opportunity like this.”

Meanwhile, TikTok comedian and POV actor Paige Gallagher said she never expected her “silly little videos” to lead to a billboard in Times Square.

“When my manager told me about the billboard, I just kept asking her ‘Why?’ I couldn’t fathom that somebody would allow me to be on a billboard, let alone in Times Square,” she said. “That just seemed wrong. I still can’t believe it. I don’t think I’m going to believe it until I actually see it.”

Paige and Challan might occupy very different sides of the internet, but, according to Lara, the creators featured on the Linktree billboard share one crucial commonality: the ability to utilize Linktree to “take ownership over their audience and direct them to what they care about.”

“These emerging creators have found their voice, their audience,” she concluded. “These creators are the future of entertainment.”

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