Loeya Shares the Biggest Challenges of Being a Twitch Streamer

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We’re reaching out to some popular creators to get their best tips and tricks for success and better understand the ups and downs of life as a trailblazer on the internet.

This week, we spoke with Olivia Sigg, better known as Loeya, a Swedish streamer and professional gamer. Loeya specializes in first-person shooter games and is known for excelling in Fortnite and Counter-Strike. On Twitch, Loeya has over 1.5 million followers who tune in to watch her play games and chat. 

Loeya first started streaming in 2017 and has since grown in popularity across other social media channels, gaining over 502,000 followers across YouTubeTikTokInstagram, and Twitter. In 2021, Loeya joined FNATIC, a long-standing and well-known esports organization. 

Loeya’s paying Twitch fanbase, dubbed the “loeyalists,” pay a monthly fee of $4.99 in exchange for ad removal, special chatroom privileges, exclusive competitions, special alerts, badges, and emotes. Loeya also engages with fans on Discord, where she has attracted over 17,000 members. 

In an interview with Passionfruit, Loeya discussed her beginnings on Twitch, methods of fan engagement, her advice for other creators looking to grow their careers, her favorite tools for streaming, and more. 

The following interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Why did you decide to start streaming? 

When I started streaming and making content, it was simply just a way for me to relax from studying. Gaming’s always been my escape. 

It started out with me just playing some Counter-Strike and getting fairly decent at it, then it went into taking a year of streaming to see if it was something I could dedicate all my time to. After a year, the channel had taken off before that time was over. I realized I had a shot of doing this as a job, and have been doing it since.

What are some ways you stay in touch with your Twitch subscribers? 

I think the best way of staying in touch with your viewers is to have outlets where you can communicate. Whether it be other social media where you respond to comments, or having an actual chat with community members on Discord. I personally enjoy Discord the most.

What kind of “perks” do you think work best in attracting paying subscribers? 

Something that makes them stand out. On Twitch, you have things like badges and emotes, which I think is pretty neat.

Personally for me, I subscribe to other content creators because I want to support the content they create, and I think a lot of people share that sentiment. Some people use Patreon for early access.

What advice do you have for other creators who want to increase their income? 

Be on more platforms. Being on more platforms increases your reach and the possibilities of finding more people to enjoy your content. Other than that, work on consistency and quality of your work.

What are some of the benefits of joining an esports organization? 

The network! An org is a great way of getting introduced to new people in the same sphere. Orgs can also help you achieve content dreams.

What are some of your favorite tools for streaming? 

The biggest essentials for my setup is OBS studio for software and the Shure MV7 microphone.

What’s one of the most challenging things about being popular on Twitch? 

I think that the most challenging part is as you grow, you expect more from yourself and so does everyone else. I think in general harassment also gets worse, I try to not give it too much energy.

What are your current aspirations? 

Hard question! I suppose I aspire to be able to balance my life a bit better. Work hard but still enjoy life. 

Thank you, Loeya, for chatting with us! 

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