AI May Soon Empower the Entire Meta Ecosystem

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Tom Alison, the head of Facebook, has announced that Meta is planning on making a new Meta algorithms model driven by AI to power both Reels and longer-form videos on the social networking site.

Speaking to CNBC, the executive explained that this ambitious new AI algorithmic recommendation model is a pivotal part of the company’s “technology roadmap that goes to 2026.” 

This move, in turn, is significant because, up until now, Reels, videos on Facebook feeds, and videos in Facebook groups were all powered by different algorithmic content recommendation models. 

“Instead of just powering Reels, we’re working on a project to power our entire video ecosystem with this single model,” Alison said.

“If we get this right, not only will the recommendations be kind of more engaging and more relevant,” Alison continued, “but we think the responsiveness of them can improve as well.”

He then went on to explain how these AI-driven Meta algorithms would work, adding, “If you see something that you’re into in Reels, and then you go back to the Feed, we can kind of show you more similar content.”

Could this be Meta’s attempt at creating their own TikTok “For You” style Meta algorithms? We might have to wait until 2026 to find out, but it certainly looks that way for now.

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