Meta Offers Cash Bonuses For Threads

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Creators can now get paid by Meta for Threads posts as the app extends its cash bonus program. The new program, which was confirmed by the company to Business Insider, is currently testing with a small number of creators in the US.

According to Instagram’s help desk, the invite-only program financially awards creators based on two criteria: the “number of posts,” and the “performance” of said posts. The help desk also noted that creators must earn a “minimum” amount in order to receive a bonus payout. That amount, however, is currently unclear. If a creator doesn’t reach this minimum amount they will not receive any bonus payment at all — although they might be invited to “participate in another bonus opportunity” in the future.

There’s also an eligibility criteria for these Threads posts. First and foremost, these posts must have at least 2,500 eligible views, and like other posts included in Meta’s Creator Bonus Program, must be original content and not a repost from another platform, like an X screenshot, for instance. But unlike other Meta content in the Creator Bonus Program, Threads posts must have at least some text to be eligible.  

At the time of writing, Business Insider reports that Threads is the No. 1 app in the Apple App Store, and as of February, has 130 million monthly users.

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