Misc_mashups Gives Viral Audio a Second Life on TikTok

@misc_mashups/TikTok ket-le/Shutterstock (Licensed)

This story originally appeared on the Daily Dot.

Lady Gaga bumps into the Berries and Cream song. Louis Armstrong holds hands with the “What the fuck, Richard?” Vine. Doja Cat dances with the Education Connection jingle. This is @misc_mashups, home to some of TikTok’s “cursed” and chaotic musical transformations.  

Adam Slomovitz, 22, is the brain behind misc_mashups. He has more than 400,000 followers on TikTok, and is about to graduate from college, where he’s studying music and marketing. While he’s been doing mashups with friends for years, he only joined TikTok less than a year ago. 

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