Indigenous Creators Criticize Modern Warrior for Comments About ‘White Passing’ People

Modern Warrior TikTok backlash
@modern_warrior__/TikTok @kaelynjschneider/TikTok

This story originally appeared on the Daily Dot.

Months after getting involved in a public feud that spurred harassment onto Native women on TikTok, Navajo creator Lance Tsosie, known as Modern Warrior, is once again receiving backlash from the app’s Indigenous community. Tsosie’s recent TikTok on “white-passing” and “white-presenting” people has earned him criticism across the platform. 

Tsosie, who has 2.5 million TikTok followers, is known for starting his videos with, “Hey, colonizer,” and for calling out racism through his page. But his recent videos led some viewers to believe that he has perpetuated the very thing he claims to fight against. 

“If you identify as white presenting or white-passing,” a person in Tsosie’s recent video started. “You’re white,” Tsosie finished. 

“Stay in your lane,” he added in the caption. 

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