MrBeast Is Now the Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel

Mr Beast surrounded by #1 logos to show he beat t series as most subscribed youtube channel
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Anyone else been on the edge of their seats watching the MrBeast vs T-Series saga? Well, after six years, in a history-making moment, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has finally overtaken the Bollywood music label to become the most subscribed channel on YouTube. All it took was 270 million subscribers. 

This achievement, while a grand one, comes as no surprise. According to Social Counts, MrBeast’s channel has been gaining 752,000 subs a day, which translates into 22.5 million per month. By contrast, T-Series gets 65,500 daily subs and 1.96 million monthly subs.

Sure, these numbers are nothing to sniff at, but there’s still a vast difference.

MrBeast vs T-Series

Back in 2019, Donaldson affirmed his support for Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg to help keep his spot as the most-subscribed YouTube channel against rival T-Series. He organized a citywide advertising campaign and even had his entourage wear t-shirts that spelled out “SUB 2 PEW DIE PIE” at the 2019 Super Bowl. 

But this wasn’t enough for Felix to retain the crown, and T-Series overtook the gaming creator later that year. And now, Jimmy wants revenge.

When MrBeast reached 200 million subscribers in 2023, he said: “This is just the beginning. Now it’s time we rally and pass T-Series to avenge PewDiePie.’

Then, on April 15, MrBeast vs T-Series heated up. T-Series declared war, as the channel enlisted viewers to “unite and make history.”

And history was certainly made. It just wasn’t by T-Series. In a tongue-in-cheek post on X, Donaldson said Felix was finally “avenged.” A noble fight from all sides.

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