Five New Creator Tools for 2023 That Will Help Creators Make More Money on Instagram and TikTok

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A big part of being a content creator is constantly exploring new ways to stand out and engage your audience. Strategizing how to grow your followers and make more money every month can be overwhelming. One way to do this is to stay on top of new creator tools that will help you get the most out of your platforms.

The best new tools for creators in 2023

1) The best new tools for making money

Influencers get paid in various ways. You can use an affiliate site and get paid when fans click your links. Some people start their own Patreon, where people can receive bonus content from you for a fee. There are even creator programs on apps that pay based on how well your content performs. 

One new way to monetize your platform is by using a cash-back tool for purchases, provided you make if you make valuable content, of course. Swaypay, a service for TikTok creators, pays you back for buying items from certain brands. All you need to do is create TikTok videos promoting the brand and the item. 

Creators can earn anywhere from 10-50% back on what they spent on the items, based on the quality and engagement the video gets. If you’re already a regular consumer of brands on the platform, you can get reimbursed for your purchases just by creating content. 

Another unique tool creators can use this year is Pearpop, which allows creators to connect with brands looking for new content around specific challenges and earn money once the content goes live. 

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2) AI tools to help your content flourish

Content creation comes with an endless to-do list of tasks to keep growing your platforms and creating. In 2023, some creators are turning to AI tools instead of spending thousands hiring copywriters or video editors to help polish their content. 

New tools like Jasper.Ai  and Copy.Ai can help write short, engaging copy that fits your brand voice. Jasper.AI offers a free trial, with plans starting at $45 a month. Copy.Ai has a free version for users who need 2,000 words or less, a month. 

With video content prioritized by Instagram and TikTok’s algorithm, AI tools can help you get creative, regardless of your skill level.

Some of the top new AI video editing tools include Capsule (which has a free version) to help you record and edit videos. Gen-1 creates videos for you based on the text you share with it. Finally, Nova (which has a free version) can help you edit TikTok videos using its AI.

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3) Try using a hashtag generator to help find your audience

Hashtags are a gift for increasing engagement on your content. Making your content easy for people to discover and search is essential on TikTok and Instagram. The audience is what shows brands you’re reputable. 

While there are existing hashtag generators, a new tool, Inflact, is free and uses AI. Inflict’s AI analyzes your content and keywords to generate hashtags to draw your target audience. This tool won’t be free for long, so try it out now. 

Inflact user interface
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4) Stay on top of content organization with these social media management tools 

Creators looking to streamline their social media content strategy might consider trying a social media management tool. Using a management tool to post and schedule content helps you focus on creation while keeping your posts consistent. Consistency helps grow your audience and expand the overall value that you offer brands. A social media management tool is like a personal assistant that helps with a little of everything.

A popular new tool, Vistasocial offers a free version and many options. It lets you plan and schedule social media content using ChatGPT AI, manage engagement, and break down your analytics. Vistasocial even does trend listening for you, so you’re ahead of the game regarding relevant content to post. 

Vistasocial user interface
Photo credit: Vistasocial

5) When you’re looking for new ideas, trend discovery tools are a lifesaver

Whether you’re creating content for a brand partnership or want your content to generate more impressions, trends are significant. Figuring out trendy audio or the latest dance can sometimes be an essential way to boost engagement. 

If you struggle to stay on top of trends, try using a discovery tool. Tools like ReelTrends Analytics and TrendTok Analytics and Tracker are great places to start. Both tools offer free trials and use AI to help you stay on track with recent trends. These analytics tools can give you a leg up in finding popular audio tracks to leading hashtags. 

The important thing is to keep engaged and always be on the lookout for new tools that can help you grow. You never know what could lead to more eyeballs on the content you’re creating this year. The only way to learn is to stay vigilant when it comes to changes in the industry.

ReelTrends Analytics example of how the interface works
Photo credit: ReelTrends Analytics

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