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Hey y’all, it’s been a busy week in the creatorverse. Paramount mergers, Logan Paul’s lawsuit against YouTuber Coffeezilla, and election misinformation are on everyone’s minds.

But over at Passionfruit, copyright has been the theme of the week. We’re still reeling from our wild coverage of the alleged copyright abuse from wannabe actress Lillee Jean. We’re also working on investigating another copyright-related story about notorious YouTuber TechLead, with interviews with some of YouTube’s top commentary channels. Stay tuned for more about that one.

Meanwhile, there have been numerous headlines about seemingly misplaced copyright strikes on creators (sorry Tubbo) and alleged abuses of the copyright system, particularly on YouTube.

For example, earlier this week, drama-tubers dogpiled on Sssniperwolf (a very controversial creator) after a smaller creator got a copyright strike for one of his videos about her. But it turns out it wasn’t actually her that sent the strike. So how did this happen, and what is YouTube’s role in all this? You can read more about it below.

Apparently, copyright abuse is becoming one of our beats here at Passionfruit, so buckle up. We’re just getting started.


Sssniperwolf next to youtube logos


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Haliey Welch, aka the ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl, Is Cashing in on Her Viral Moment

The 21-year-old is selling merch, filing trademarks, and maybe even getting a reality TV show.

By Charlotte Colombo, Passionfruit Contributor

Haliey Welch, aka the ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl, Is Cashing in on Her Viral Moment


Noplace reaches #1 on iOS app store

A New Social Platform Called ‘Noplace’ Hit #1 On the App Store

Noplace is calling for ‘NPCs, main characters, swifties, barbs, nerds, and stans’ to join its ranks. 

By Charlotte Colombo, Passionfruit Contributor



In case you missed it, Passionfruit held a conversation at the JW Marriott Hotel in Anaheim with several creator brand experts to discuss the ins and outs of what it takes to make the leap from hobby to career. 

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