⛰️ Amira the Wanderlust Wants Muslim Women To Explore the Outdoors


The travel industry, like so many industries, has had to reckon with its lack of diversity over the past few years. As a result, travel influencers of color have made space for themselves in a space that has historically excluded them and encouraged other marginalized travelers to do the same.

One major outlet for these creators has been Instagram, a platform that Amira the Wanderlust has used to cultivate a community of fellow Muslim female adventurers. Passionfruit contributor Rahma Khan spoke with the creator about her page, her new travel group, and how she practices her faith in the outdoors.

Daysia TolentinoPassionfruit Editor


Amira the Wanderlust’s Instagram is inspiring Muslim women to travel

The travel creator recently started The Wanderlust Women, a group for Muslim women who want to hike and adventure.

By Rahma Khan, Passionfruit Contributor

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Ryan Star, CEO and founder of live audio app Stationhead, describes courting creators and the nostalgia of radio

‘I really understood that old model was dying, yet I loved the feeling of talking to someone on air.’

By Grace Stanley, Passionfruit Reporter


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