😡 Is YouTube Doing Enough To Prevent False Copystrikes?


We’re thrilled to welcome star internet culture journalist Kelsey Weekman as a contributor for Passionfruit. This week, she explores the case of YouTuber Alex Edson, who is facing heat for nearly de-platforming his rivals with allegedly false copyright strikes. It begs the question: Is YouTube doing enough to protect creators against predatory claims?

Plus, Passionfruit contributor Steven Asarch provides a thoughtful exploration of the complexities of creators owning up to their pasts and turning a new leaf—in light of recent news that the formerly “edgy,” controversial creator iDubbbz has apologized for his actions. You won’t want to miss this story.


Crushing the competition: YouTuber Alex Edson accused of filing false copyright strikes against his rivals

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iDubbbz apologizes for past behavior: Exploring the controversy surrounding creator transformations



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How to find and make green screen backgrounds

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By John-Michael Bond, Passionfruit Contributor



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